Lilly is Quilted!

Another lovely hot day, but a break in sight next Tuesday and Wednesday – Maybe it will snow!  LOL

I finished Apricot Lilly today –  I should have quilted her with darker thread.  Now if I had a computerized machine… I would not have to do the free motion and I mean this is FREE MOTION!  LOL!   I had to almost lay on top of the quilt to see what I was doing – talk about quilting in the blind!!!  But she is done.  Now I have 2 in the que to do bindings.  Tomorrow I will NOT be quilting on my Handi Quilter!  I need a break!  I have 2 small projects plus the bindings so that will be my projects for Friday.  My back will really thank me for that!


I did not have enough of the beige for the back so I used some Thimbleberries and added the little bit of the pink Azalea fabric on each side!



I can started out very precise with my circles, but then the thread kept disappearing and I decided I would just do what I could!  I am happy two quilts are quilted!

I do believe I need more practice, but think the body wants a rest!  Next quilt will have darker thread, or maybe my cataracts are ready to be GONE!

Have a great evening!


16 Replies to “Lilly is Quilted!”

  1. I wish the camera showed the colors better…this fabric is more vibrant than pastel, right? At any rate, congrats on another almost finish! I am quilting Aunt Bea’s Parlor on the domestic. I just have the borders left to do. I will be so happy when it is done! 🙂


  2. I know yu feel good about getting quilts closer to being done. Quilting isn’t always the fun part of the creativity process and where I bog down.


    1. I just love making tops I guess. But you are right! The long arming took the tool on the Sciatia so it is a more measured Nanette on the long arm – load one – do a few rows, walk away and quilt another top to add to the growing list! LOL! If only I could do this sitting down, but I am no good at doing a big quilt on a domestic machine. I will look for a quilter who can do inexpensive panto’s! Have a wonderful day – we are looking forward to a cooling off for a few days next week. Hugs


  3. Hi Nanette! No snow, please . . . not yet . . . but a break in this heat would be very welcome. I love how this quilt turned out! And your quilting looks lovely – I love that type of stitch and it is very forgiving. I agree, it is sometimes hard to see the thread when it matches the fabric so well, but it is also sometimes necessary. In this case, it lets the quilt pattern and fabrics shine – don’t you think? I love your choices. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Well, OK! We are supposed to get a break next week! It was a hot one yesterday as I washed the car and stopped at the store! Yes I do prefer to have the quilt show and not all the quilting. They are putting just too much emphasis on the quilting and not all the hard work in making the top. The quilting machines are computer driven – where is the manual labor that used to go into the quilting! Have a tolerable day – it is no walk and play today – body needs a rest! Hugs

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