Having Too Much Fun!

Starting Thursday the 13th, we moved things that we could in preparation for the carpet laying.  We were ready Friday morning for them to arrive at 9 AM.  Well, that did not go as planned – they did not arrive until 11:30………..Left at 9 PM.  Talk about 2 old people who were worn out!  The bedroom was the most difficult and time consuming in breaking down the bed and then putting it back together.  But it was done and at least we had a bed to sleep in Friday night.  They could not finish the Den or the closet so they came back Saturday for 5 hours and finished the Den and Closet.  If the young men were not so personable and nice I would have thrown a fit, but they did a wonderful job (at least as far as we can tell).  I can tell that by Monday evening I will not want to move for a week!  I am so glad that we did this now and not next year!

Sunday we moved the things we could from the other side of the house into the Den for them to lay the carpet in Library, Living Room/Dining Room and the old ‘computer’ room.  In my mind I figured about 3 hours work – WRONG – The dishwasher would not work, or I have forgotten how to work it – LOL)  So all crystal and china were hand washed.  I had another wild “keep it or give it away mood” and the Navigator was loaded with clothes, hangers, an old radio, and a big bucket full of “dust collectors” that no longer had any meaning to us!  This took me about 7 hours of doing that!  I started about 11:00 (Clay started a little earlier)  I was sitting in my recliner after a hot shower at 7:30 Sunday evening.

Monday morning the gang arrived around 10:30.  They left at 6:45 or so.  The house looks great.  All furniture back in its place (I cleaned all as it was moved)  Tuesday morning was to be a ‘short’ time of moving.  That ended up for me at 2:30 and I sat in my recliner until bedtime (exception – cooked supper).  Clay was working on his Ham Station.  We were both exhausted again!  I had a feeling that this was going to be a very long and drawn out process and I was correct.  It took 5 FULL days to go through this!

I am very pleased with all that has been accomplished in the last month!  It is amazing how great it feels to not have a cluttered house and to have given away things that we no longer wanted or needed!

I had scheduled a cleaning group to come and clean the house tomorrow, but for the life of me I cannot see enough dirt or dust to justify a $150.00 cleaning expenditure when I can do the blinds and inside windows and take the vacuum canister and do the base boards!  After all, I just wiped and dusted all furniture that was moved and it was ALL MOVED!  So I cancelled that appointment and now I AM FREE AS A BIRD FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!

BUT, just so I would not get used to peace and quiet and sewing again (LOL)  I left around 7:30 this morning and ran 5 errands (2 grocery stores) and was home by 10:45.  Late Breakfast by 12 or so but all food put up and house looks good.

I am now enjoying a cup of coffee and headed into the other room (in the Studio) and start going through some drawers and clean them out!  Too much clutter in my Studio! (OK not that much but want to clean out things I do not want or need)..

I hope to have something ready to post soon.  Thanks for listening to my tale of “Fun and Games Replacing Carpeting!”


OK – I decided to get up and take a few pictures.

Living Room/Dining Room

Bedroom – you can see the two windows covered with shades in the mirror.  I have to sleep in a totally dark room or I will not sleep well!  It takes about 45 minutes to tear this unit down and then another 45 to put it back together!  Very Heavy furniture!

Den – Clay and I built this Den in 1997!  I do think it contributed to a few more back surgeries and carpel tunnel surgery in 1998.  But worth it I guess it is 14′ x 40′  We originally thought it would be great as a screened in room, but forgot we lived in Texas and within 3 months it was closed in!

Like having a new home!  The carpet is a light-medium brown with some light beige mixed in.  Really makes the house look so much brighter!




8 Replies to “Having Too Much Fun!”

  1. Thank you Gretchen – did the pictures come through on my update? I got off my duff and took some after I wrote the post and not sure how updates work – and I am not going to figure it out!


  2. Ha, ha! I was about to write and say ‘where are the photos’ when I scrolled and saw the update. Your home looks wonderful…lots of space and not cluttered at all! Lots of light, too! And lots of work, but so worth it! 🙂


  3. Oh all that lovely carpeting…I would be walking around in bare toes. It sure was a heap of work for both of you but now just so nice. You have earned lots and lots of stitching time, Nanette. And it sounds like you want to keep that cleanout ball rolling too.


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