Some Finishes!

Happy Hump Day! Nice weather here – but that will change into Summer Heat late in the week!

Yesterday I finished the last of the reorganizing, cleaning out, and downsizing. The house looks so much better as it is less cluttered with furniture and paperwork.

Monday I went through my “little corner” in the Den where my Handwork WIPs tended to land when I was not in the mood, or in the “I’ll do it later” stack! I also had not gone through my sewing baskets since we had sold the 5th wheel in late Dec 2016! So it took some time to go through both baskets, clean out things I did not want or need, and organize both.

I have a place where I can keep my applique projects that is ready to be worked and another little stand where I keep my lap quilting hoop and a few small quilting projects to be worked on.

It looks so nice and neat and now I can hardly wait for the new carpet which will be laid this Friday and Monday! YEA! The room will be much prettier as I selected a lighter carpeting that will blend with the walls.

My Z44 Quilting Frame (OOPS no quilting here)
Ah A place for my applique, embroidery, and quilting projects lay in waiting
A place to keep thread, scissors, needles, etc in one place easy access at night

I also have another room that is now called “The Extra Stash Room”. This used to be our Music Room where we would play guitars when we first were married and loved it! My piano is still sitting there waiting for someone to play it!

This is the last room that I needed to reorganize and make room for things that had been stored in the corner of the Den. I am so happy that I spent all the time I did doing the cleaning and downsizing. Neither Clay nor I do well with a lot of clutter.

The shelves have fabrics, thread, muslin, yarn, scraps and my knitting basket for when I am in the knitting mood. You can see I need more batting and fabric! LOL Now as I work on projects everything has it place.

I know that I am truly blessed to have the 2 rooms in the Studio for quilting and one in the house as a “Stash Room” to keep all of my fabric, yarn and notions organized as the majority of quilters only have a small area for quilting.

The next project will be to clean the main room in the Studio. My Elfa units need to be cleaned out and could be organized much better. But for now all is fine.

I finished the last block for Section 5 of Stonefields. Section 6 has 4 blocks to piece and 8 blocks to applique. Hopefully I will be moving on to Section 7 soon.

Clay was busy doing some zero landscaping! At 75 he is still doing some labor intensive outside work! Because of the dry weather for the last 10 years the grass was not growing well there and he was having issues with the gutters draining properly! When he was cleaning out the gutters he found that each drain had pine cones stuck in each downspout!

We are still waiting to see baby deer. A few of the Doe’s appear to have had them, but they will be well hidden for a couple of weeks. A few more have not dropped theirs yet! I will have a front row seat looking out the window and watching them play!

Have a great day stitching or creating!


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27 Replies to “Some Finishes!”

  1. Hi Nanette! Oh boy, getting new carpeting over two days – with a weekend in between – sounds like a lot of work. Huh, I never would have guessed that the downspouts could have a pinecone in them! I guess that would cause a backup though, darn it. Your organizing looks and sounds like it was very worthwhile, and something that should inspire me to join in! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. We wanted them to lay 1/2 of the house on Friday and give us 2 days to get the other side ready for Monday. I still have to empty the Hutch. Yuk. But that is why they made dish washers.

      Clay was surprised and rather upset because he had to take each downspout down and put them back. More unexpected work!


    1. There are 121 blocks to this quilt! I have changed some of the patterns.

      Clay and I are so spoiled. Guess it makes up for when we were kids and had nothing! LOL. 2 nd childhood.


  2. You have been busy! I am thinking of pulling up carpet in my office (and hubby said sewing part of the garage too) and painting in there…. seems the only way I will organize that area is to plan new paint and floor! Envious off all that batting…


    1. I have wanted new carpeting for a few years now. Last summer we redid the roof on the house and Studio. This is my splurge.

      We will really enjoy the downsizing and new carpeting more!

      Now I need to just QUILT!


  3. Wow! You’ve accomplished a lot! How about you come on up here and help me organize my house? Lord knows…I need it! And when the house is all spiffied up, we’ll go back to your place; sit with our applique and watch the deer play! 🙂


    1. Be right there! Next room is the big one in the Studio….UGH I have to make decisions on what I am using what I am not and just how long do we keep fat quarters that we will never use?
      Maybe I could start a business in teaching organization of a quilting room! LOL


  4. Stonefields is coming along nicely! It cracks me up that you have a room called “Stash Overflow Storage.” My fabric is all contained in my main studio, but there is a large armoire in our master bedroom that contains no clothes or television like you’d expect — it’s my Thread Treasury, holding Art Bin storage boxes full of Isacord machine embroidery thread in color number order (I think I have nine boxes of Isacord), another box full of 100 weight YLI silk thread for applique, my hand embroidery and beading threads and supplies, the embroidery module for my sewing machine… Oh, and I have the exact same sewing basket as the one in your photo stuffed in that armoire, too — mine is full of hand quilting thread and my Roxanne’s That Perfect Stitch thimble.

    Glad your Clay figured out that the pine cones were causing the gutter problems and got them fixed! We have a lot of pines in our back yard, too, and my husband is constantly cleaning pine needles out of our gutters.


    1. I just had to make myself realize that I needed to get up and go get what I need rather than keeping it closer – I think I picked up that habit when we traveled. Next clean up is in the bigger room of the 2 in the Studio (well there are 4 rooms – Clay’s half and mine (I think I have about 500 sq ft and he has 300 sq ft or so – his choice when we added 2 rooms! I think he would like to have more, but then the more we add the more we buy and the more we need! LOL LOL!
      I also did not show the wall to wall closet that holds 2 big rolls of batting and some yarn and DMC thread and other things! That closet was cleaned out last year!!! I am really going to enjoy the new house next week! We quilters have to have our toys like our guys have their toys! Have a great week.


  5. You have been busy and it is good to get all straightened up. The new carpet will make it all so much better and lighter. Happy sewing. I need to do this in my studio.


    1. Morning J! Yes and today is the beginning of moving things! UGH, but the house will look so much brighter and different! Hoping you have a wonderful relaxing day (as much as you possibly can!) Hugs


  6. Great crafting space – jealous! but thrilled for you! Stonefields is gorgeous – still working on the T quilt, LOL and I want to do it in the red and white as well. Stay cool in this heat and enjoy your nature show of doe and babies too – picture posts please!


    1. Thank you Sharon. Quilting is my day to day hobby so it is great to have all the room to have things at hand. I am over 1/2 way finished with it. Good that you are continuing on the T quilt! Will be anxious to see it. I do not know where those babies are hope they drop before we get into the 100’s. We just had 3 days of a break but now headed up to the 99’s, etc and high heat index. As soon as I see any babies we will have pictures and will post! Have a great week-end – think we have HQAL this week-end.


  7. I love getting pictures of where you are working. It will be terrific to see your new carpeting in and the room back together as you want it. Pinecones in the downspouts! That’s something they never tell you to look for! I suppose I should now be grateful for those dratted poplar trees. =)


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