Another Potpourri Post and HQAL

After all the downsizing and cleaning out drawers I finally made it back to the Studio ONLY to realize that I really did not know I wanted to work on next! I did not want to start on a new quilt yet as I thought the carpet would be laid on the 7th of June. I thought that I had better check on the Sashiko Class at Las Colchas Quilt Store in SA and glad I did. The class would be on the 31st of May and the 7th of June, I quickly called O’Krent and advised Monica we did not want the job started until the 14th of May! A quilting class that I have been waiting for is more important – RIGHT? I am excited to be around other quilters learning and working on Sashiko – something I was ready to tackle in 2014 (did not happen)

I have made a ‘little’ progress on French General.

I have the Mittens and Stockings ready to applique for A Merry Christmas To You QAL. The next will probably the 75 or so HSTs for the Sawtooth border. I will be ready to start them soon.

For Section 6 of Stonefields there was one block that I thought would be a nightmare to applique – was I happy to see it is Embroidery work! YEA! The remaining blocks for this section are very easy!

I use a pencil for marking my applique background but not sure if it would work well for embroidery work. I had been using pencil for marking patterns, but asked Gretchen what she uses for embroidery. She uses the erasable pen so I ordered some from Amazon and they arrived Thursday. I really do like them for marking embroidery patterns and will probably use some for applique.

Next I made the decision to go forward with Aunt Bea’s Parlor and had already traced 6 blocks with pencil before the erasable pens arrived and am now in the process of re-doing them! I am hoping to finish the tracing today! Last year I thought I would want to enlarge the pattern and was prepared to do that but am going with the 6 1/2″ blocks so I do not have to redo the math when completing the quilt. This will be a good starter for me using different colored threads.

I will also be tracing blocks for Glorious Flower Baskets a pattern I purchased about 10 years ago from Creations which quickly became lost in the “I want to do this” drawer!!! So now is the time to prepare the blocks and it will be ‘in the cue’ section of UFO’s.

Yesterday I decided to check out my “what to do with this” drawer and found a few UFO’s that need attention. One of the UFOs that I discovered from 2010 was Pat Campbell’s Jacobean Holiday quilt that I had started around 2010. I had purchased the pattern at one of the quilt show Boutique’s. The quilt is almost finished with the exceptions of 5 blocks. I used back basting for this one because the pieces are very easy to applique. At first I thought about sending it off for someone else to finish, but decided that it will be my applique project for the summer! It is easy and hopefully it will turn out OK. If I were going to make it now I certainly would not use the backround fabric I used. (Note: Patricia Campbell passed away in 2013 and the quilting world lost a wonderful Designer who was loved by all)

Here is a picture of my Sleigh Block. I still have a few more pieces to applique. This is a very large block!

While cleaning out the drawer… I found this baby quilt. It was the first of my quilting projects that included applique. The poor baby just needed a binding and I happened to still have the fabrics in my stash so yesterday I added the binding! It was my first hand quilted project! I would never have used the same type of fabrics if I were making this quilt now! This is a 2002 or 2003 quilt.

A trip to pick up my new braces last Thursday turned into a l-o-n-g extended morning, of which I had not planned on. So Thursday was a ‘nothing’ accomplished day! I wore the new braces a short period of time Thursday and on Friday when I put them on and was headed out the door for my walk I realized that they have a problem! They are hitting on the inside bone of my ankles – OUCH! I will see them again Tuesday – hope they get it right this time. And to top it off I sat in the most uncomfortable chair waiting for them to finish the braces, so when I go back Tuesday I am prepared!

I found this block from Thimbleberries Safe Haven that I had made a LONG time ago. I found this one block kit in Oklahoma and made it before I had the entire pattern. It was one of the first pieced blocks I had made in 2001 or 2002. By 2008 I had a wonderful stash built up of Thimbleberries fabric (and still do). I made the quilt in 2008 and had it quilted in 2013. I just need to bind the quilt and it will be finished!

Yesterday I made a nice pillow with the original block I had made to take along when I have to sit in uncomfortable chairs waiting! We never know what will show up in a “what am I going to do with this” drawer! LOL. I have now cleaned out all the UFO’s that needed attention and hoping to move on to another pieced quilt or maybe even get to quilt another top!

I do hope that all are enjoying a great Memorial Day weekend.


This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below. There are some very talented quilters who are participating – check them out!


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35 Replies to “Another Potpourri Post and HQAL”

  1. My goodness – so many lovelies you found in your clean out! I really need to do that… but I am so afraid to do that before I finish the graduation quilt….. since I know I will get sidetracked. Hope they can figure out the brace on Tuesday and the waiting is not too uncomfortable.


    1. Thank you Deb – I am anxious to get the new ones adjusted. I believe he just put too much of a padding at the ankles…… My pillow will help and I get stuck again I will stand up more. Hugs


  2. Your week was full with great stuff Nanette- from the lovely red work (which I love) to the fabulous sleigh, I love the pillow and what a cute first baby quilt – brace? hope your ok and next fitting works for you. Hugs Sharon


    1. Thank you Sharon – I wear braces on my feet to help with the left heel for planter factious (sp) and PTTD whatever that is. Since I lost the weight I had to have new ones made! Baby quilt is now hanging on the nice quilt rack Clay made. Hugs


  3. Oh my, you have so many pretties to work on. Oh, I think a quilting class deems a laying of carpet date to be put back. I have no doubt at all that your Patricia Campbell applique quilt will be fabulous, your hand applique projects always turn out beautifully. I love the sweet little baby quilt.


    1. Thank you so much Kim for the sweet words about my work. I have a mess to really straighten out with the Jacobean Holiday… but it will be fun if I can match things up and get it done quickly!
      The pattern for the baby quilt was in a book called PS, I Love you.


    1. It is always a surprise to see the work that I had first done and how I have progressed in my quilting and hand applique. I found 6 blocks for Sweet Stitches that I would have been tearing the Studio apart looking for it this summer – I did not realize I put them in that drawer! LOL
      Always a surprise!


  4. See what happens when you don’t know what to work on and go through the mysterious drawer! What a lot of fun projects you found buried in there! 🙂


    1. I have so many new ones I want to start, but they are going to be one at a time (piecing projects for daytime). These will be done at night. I do keep a list and have a place for those that I want to work on the next 2 years. I do have enough good tops made to enter into the Austin show next year! Hugs


  5. That is quite the drawer you have! So many interesting projects pulled out! How wonderful to finish that baby quilt at long last! I had a drawer like that with cross stitch things, which I finally emptied. Now I should start putting quilt tops in it so they are all in one place. 🙂 Have a great week!


    1. Well, I have other nooks and crannies where I could really clean out! I have so many patterns and so much fabric and have finally slowed down on purchasing. I did purchase some of the Moda Stars for either a Log Cabin or a Wedding Ring quilt, but not real pleased with fabric so no telling what it will end up being. It is patriotic colors! Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

  6. That is a magic drawer Nanette. I have one or two those myself. Most of us won’t finish all projects and someday someone will hold them up and wonder what we were doing. Haha.
    It keeps us busy and happy. Have a good Memorial Day.


    1. Yes, along with another drawer that has fat quarters you have given me – I need to make a quilt of them…….Maybe if I quit trying to sleep! You know, we are of the age group that in 20 years we will be called ‘antique quilters’! LOL


    1. It is funny – when I worked my desk had many projects stacked in a pile and people thought I had a mess and probably lived in a mess! I knew each one of those projects and knew where everything was! Now I just organize my projects – some get made and others do not and may never – I need to make a list of who to will all this good stuff to! LOL Have a good day Lori – Hugs


  7. Wow, what a lot of quilty goodness there is in this post. I hope your braces are adjusted right next time. Your drawer turned up some wonderful projects. I liked Pat Campbell’s designs, too. That Christmas one is going to be a wonderful finish, judging by the sleigh. The cats in the boat are so cute! I usually trace my embroidery (not CQ) in the color of thread I’m using so that if I miss anything, go a little wobbly, the color will match well enough. I often use a Pigma pen, but sometimes a Frixion. If you are good at covering exactly over the line you traced, then pencil is absolutely fine.


    1. I talked to the lady who designed the Glorious Flowers and she uses the Pigma. I tried it and it tended to bleed so sent those back to Amazon! I am using an erasable pen and ordered some FriXion pens. The pencil really shows on the all white background and I became concerned. I was tracing in the Den the other night when I started and I was making it too dark. The pen has a fine line. Of course – it never gets -10 here and I won’t be putting the quilt in the freezer – LOL. I was wondering if one would change pen colors based on the color of the pattern. Hum I am a perfectionist, but thinking I would really go over the deep end doing the changing of the pens! So maybe I am getting over that with embroidery – BUT not my applique or piecing!
      Have a wonderful week.

      I am hoping that the brace guy can get to me on time and out of there before noon. Hugs


  8. It is so inspiring to see you working thru your UFO drawer!! Isn’t it fun to think about how we would do things differently now…it shows that our skill is growing!!


    1. It is nice to see items we have made when we first started our quilting journey. I laugh when I look at my first applique stitches! Too funny and I just knew I was doing great! That was until I figured out all hand work is 1/8″ not 1/4″ apart! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I was using a little inexpensive fabric and just beginning to purchase the Quilt Shop fabric – The highest cost at that time was $8.00 a yard and I thought that was horrible…… Amazing how we adjust to price increases. I try to purchase when on sale and my stash would last me 20 years if I lived that long. If they would only quit making new designs! LOL

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  9. How interesting to hear about all your projects on the go and getting finished. I know I get re-inspired when I open some of my storage drawers, and I am getting things done as well, inch by inch.


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