Dresden Plates is a Finish!

Darn – summer is back and boy will it ever be a hot and humid 6 months here in Sweatsville, South Texas!  After all the fun of de-cluttering (better word for downsizing, and cleaning out things) and quilting a quilt yesterday, this old lady is T-I-R-E-D!  I treated myself and did not partake of walking this morning.  I am trying to walk at 6:30 and be done with it!  It seems to give me more time to enjoy the Studio again.

I made this quilt in the 2005-2006 time frame but never quilted it.  I loaded it 2 months ago and it has patiently waited.  I need to learn to spend a couple of hours each day when quilting because 5 hours standing on one’s feet is just a little too much for someone over 39!  LOL.  Anyway I became brave and tried my hand at free hand quilting around the plates.  I think I achieved the goal on ONE Dresden Plate.  For my next quilt, I am going to FINALLY get the quilting rulers out and teach myself to do something other than meandering (free motion).  Good project for the summer.

 I did meandering on the borders and in the white blocks. I stitched around the applique and in the green border I did meandering with circles.

The back is Moda (green) and In The Beginning (middle) fabrics that I have had over 10 years! Still good as new!

I intended to put the binding on the back first, then machine sew it down to save time. Of course I did the usual, put the binding on the top first (hard to break old habits)! I figured that I now had no choice to but hand bind it! BUT, it worked by sewing the folded over binding on top of the 1/4″ seam allowance when I sewed the binding onto the quilt.

The top of the quilt after sewing the binding down by machine. Works great!

This quilt will be used to cover my Longarm! I was going to make another top for that, but after finishing this quilt I changed my mind. It really adds color to the room! I love it!

And not to leave out French General progress which is slow so here he is!

I will be tracing the embroidery pattern for Aunt Bea’s Parlor blocks and Stonefields this week.

Have a great week!


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28 Replies to “Dresden Plates is a Finish!”

    1. I was shocked to see that I could make it work since I did not put the binding on the back first. This way it gives me a guide line to use and it worked! Hugs. Hoping to accomplish more this week (no de-cluttering) BUT alas, housework has just jumped in as Number 1 this morning! Hugs

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        1. I am dying here! I really need to get some help with this housework. My back is just not going to be able to do the intense cleaning and dusting – stooping is so hard! Anyway just the Den and I will be finished – bath time and then I will sit in my comfy chair and trace Aunt Bea’s.

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        1. OH I remember the 38 years I worked with very few vacations. It seemed that all my leave went for surgeries, or when my youngest was born and had Menigitis, it went for the 10 years I had to leave work if he had a ‘spell’ (like a migraine) and had to go get him from babysitter or school. Then it was my turn! I believe I had 2 “real vacations” and one time I took time to go on a Trail Ride in the early ’80’s when I was stupid and bought a horse! After retirement, time flies by! So I consider the last 20 years of retirement have made up all those missed vacations! LOL Cannot believe that my body would not go anymore at 54 1/2 and retirement was there! Lucky to be at a base that was closing! Early Out! But 20 years of fun (OK a few bad years but life is not perfect)! LOL

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  1. it sounds like you need to find a place that you can go walking in the A/C – do you have a mall or inside track that you can use someplace near you? I use a fitness center that has a track and treadmill’s and bikes – I can’t walk in the humidity I find it too draining on the strength!


    1. We live on 5 acres about 45 miles to the nearest Mall and it would not be the best place to walk.
      I have a blue towel that helps keep my head cool. Neat cloth! We have a circular drive and about 600 feet from the road, so I do 10 trips and clock 1.5 miles. I am now up to doing the mile in 20 minutes. That is almost where I was 20 years ago. Losing the weight has really helped. I am very hot natured so it is easy for me to sweat!
      Have a great day!


  2. A finish is so good and what a finish this is. You are right…it adds colour to whatever room you use it in. I loved seeing the close ups of your fine stitching. You are so accomplished.
    That French General embroidery panel is on my wanted list.
    Kudos with keeping up the walking. It really works to help feel fitter. I couldn’t do without my daily walks now. But I’m not sure I could do them in high humidity either.


  3. Your machine quilting is quite nice. I would not be able to stand more than about ten minutes or so before lower back pain sets in. I applaud your stamina to do it.


    1. Thank you Karen. I tell you my back and feet were killing me. I am getting new leg braces Thursday – the ones I have now are too big since I have lost the weight! Back to the back…
      I finally broke down this morning and called a house cleaning service to come clean after they lay the carpeting. And I will hire them for a monthly clean if they are good. I thought it would be a 2 hour cleaning yesterday and turned into 4 and I was wiped by 2:00! So I would rather pay for the house cleaning each month and be able to do more long arm quilting! Darn getting old is no fun and all the stupid things that bother me seem to get more pronounced each year – guess it is called AGING! Have a great day!


  4. I gave up hand stitching binding years ago – it’s all by machine now! Though I stitch it to the front first, then lightly glue it down on the back, and stitch-in-the-ditch on the front. For me, I’d rather that little flange next to the stitching be on the back – keeps the front nice and pretty!


  5. I do like your Dresden plate quilt. That blue in the border can remind you of a cool swimming pool when it gets too hot in Texas in summer. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.


    1. Oops Wendy – missed your comment! Thank you. I do believe they said this morning it might cool off in NOVEMBER! I am just so excited! It will be a long hot and humid walking time in South Texas!


  6. I smiled because I never ever thought about covering my longarm when I had one! And I lived in Arizona. LOL But I also used it just about every night. The Dresdens would have made good centers for feather circles, too. Have you looked at the APQS videos on freehand quilting designs? Pretty good source!


    1. Better late than never!!! You know, I have had this HQ16 since 2005 and so many years we went to Arizona for the winter and so many years this machine did not get any workouts. I keep telling myself that I will quilt one a week – and I mostly do meandering 3 different styles. Maybe after the carpet in the house is completed and I hire the house cleaning service permanently I will use my energy on doing that one utility quilt a week.

      I will send out 5 this next year for Custom work for the Austin Show. Otherwise I will get counted off for my ‘non-custom’ quilting – stupid Judges! They no longer judge the hard work that I put into my quilts – just the long arm quilter! Oh well, life changes doesn’t it!
      Have a wonderful week! Hugs


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