HQAL and the mess!

We have had rain! In the last two weeks we have received close to 5″.

Green grass looking good!

I am slowly making progress on my French General wall hanging.

Star of Chamblie had a “little” issue last week. The last Star had problems that I did not catch until I put the sashings on!

Notice the upper left blank spot!

So I changed out the corner squares and the triangles. Kiss that afternoon goodbye. Then there was the issue of needing more sashing fabric. I was blessed again as I found it on line!

Now the poor baby is resting and I am taking a break working on 9 – 3″ Stars and 17 – 3″ 9″ Nine Patches for the SAL A Merry Christmas To You.

I am beginning to place the blocks on the Design Board.

Then there is a nice stack of fabric to iron. Remember all the Moda Marble Star fabric and some batiks for my Borgello quilt? Well…..

Now I have 3 things going at once. Not fun!

In addition we are having new carpet laid in the house! More time away from sewing and some negotiating and tomorrow we will order the carpet. We will have it done in June! That will take me away from sewing because…RIGHT…it is called ‘moving things’! But the new carpet will be so nice!

Have a great week!!!


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25 Replies to “HQAL and the mess!”

    1. The current carpeting was laid in 1998 before we retired. It is not in bad shape, but time to change it out. It really started looking like 20 people were running around the house with footprints after it was chem cleaned – it broke down the fibers. I knew it would.


  1. New carpet! That sounds exciting once the “ moving” part is done. I think ironing large pieces of fabric is one of the those unenjoyable parts about quilting. I love the star blocks,so glad you found your sashing. Happy block making for Merry Christmas.🙂


    1. Thank you Deb! Just not thrilled about moving things, but we probably will only be distrupted 3 or 4 days. I have some things I need to go through before this happens.
      I enjoy the ironing, but it is hard on the feet and back! Thank you on the Star blocks this quilt will be DONE this week for sure! And yes, I was so lucky to find it!
      The Christmas quilt is coming along nicely! I am happy I did the SAL!

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  2. So many things to be thankful for! Rain, carpet, matching fabric…I am falling in love with that Merry Christmas quilt, but I can NOT start anything until I clean up my sewing room!


    1. It is a fun one to make and not difficult! I need to really dust my 2 Studio rooms, but then I will wait until I have finished both quilts and quilted that Dresden plate quilt sitting there just waiting for the ole’ lady to get with the program! Hugs

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  3. I really like the Merry Christmas quilt. I seem to be drawn to anything Christmas. Glad you had rain. They keep saying a few showers here but it misses us.


  4. loving all your projects ~ you truly do have a lot your working on and all fabulous! With the new carpet in the works (yay) I am thinking we may see a finish with the French General – which I love 🙂 BTW – that was a lot of rain! Sharon


    1. Well we received more yesterday and in the forecast for the rest of the week through next week. We need it! Carpet in June – all is set up for it! I just need to have a week of no interruptions (usually unforeseen) Hugs have a great day!


  5. I’m not a fan of the process of painting and laying new carpet, but it is always nice when it’s finished! And probably cheaper than a new roof, which is less trouble. LOL The blue quilt looks wonderful with your beautiful NINE stars! Three projects at once … you can handle that! LOL The Christmas quilt will be a stunner.


    1. There is not a lot left in the SAL for the Xmas quilt. I am liking how it is coming together. We will have the start on Friday on one half of the house and then we have Sat and Sun to recoup and move the other half of the house! So it won’t be so bad! Have a great day!


  6. Hi Nanette! Lots of goodness going on in your house. Aren’t you glad you noticed that issue BEFORE you got it all together?!! Yes, you are because that is one very special piece and one big error would annoy the heck out of you. I just love your Christmas project – that is very special too. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Yes – thankful the problem was on the last block. It was the only way I could correct it! Thank you for the sweet comments! Most who read my Blog know I am just too much the perfectionist! Have a great day Roseanne

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  7. Gosh, your Star of Chamblie is a feast to the eyes. Thank goodness you noticed your ‘little’ mistake before this beauty was quilted and bound. The French General stitching is looking lovely, too. New carpet does sound rather wonderful, even if your life is interrupted for a little while. I suppose it will give you an opportunity to sort out your sewing space. =)


    1. Thank you Kim I was in the last section on the bottom right and I really was shocked. I am blessed that I had one more fat quarter left of this fabric line to do it! The ole’ General is slowly coming along. I am ready for another applique project, but would like to finish the embroidery project first. This Studio is heading for a complete clean as soon as the fabric is ironed and the Star quilt is complete! Thx for commenting


    1. Believe me I was not working this way for the year, I think I am getting payback for that getaway in late March! LOL. I will catch up with this mess and continue on with one at a time! I do not work well in a mess! Now to work the Xmas one is not difficult, I just got behind again.
      It has been an easy SAL. Different story on the the Stars! But it will work out great when I get it finished!


  8. Was the French General design meant to be embroidered or is that something you came up with? It is very pretty.


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