A Potpourri of Things Going On!

Greetings on a beautiful warm day in South Texas!  San Antonio has been celebrating Fiesta for the last two weeks.  Today was the Battle of Flowers Parade and tomorrow night is the Fiesta Flambeau Parade.  When I was younger I loved this time of the year.  They hold a Night in Old San Antonio, NIOSA, and it was fun fun fun!  I would volunteer to work for a couple of hours at the food booths and then have plenty of time to go join in the eating and beer drinking (well just a few LOL).  But that was then and this is now no beer around here!  LOL

We were blessed with 2″ of rain on Wednesday!  I love the rain and here is a view from the front porch!

Today I am working on the 64 Flying Geese and the HST’s for the sashings for Star of Chamblie!  YUP – changed my mind and now adding the stars to the sashings!  I am glad that I waited until the weather calmed down so I would make the correct design decision.

The 68 Flying Geese will measure 1″ x 2″ when added to the Sashing.  Here is how I make my flying geese (the easy way).  I used Eleanor Burns Mini Ruler Set for these.  She has taken all the hard work in making Flying Geese and her rulers come in different sizes.  I believe I purchased this package for her Victory Quilt.  (That is one that never got made – but use the rulers all the time).

The kit comes with 3 templates – 2 rulers for very small Flying Geese and a template for cutting 2″ squares!

This is the 2nd phase of the process.  This stack of crazy looking blocks will yield 2 Flying Gees that will finish at 1″ x 2″!

So easy!  Just lay the little ruler on the flying geese, trim, flip the ruler and you have a perfect Flying Geese!

From a wierd looking little block….to a perfect Flying Geese block!

This is the next step – wish me luck as this can be frustrating making all things match as they should on the sashing!

I am using Marsha McCloskey’s  Bias Strip Method for HST’s The Sawtooth will require 176 of the puppies!  I have 4 sets ready to cut and I believe that I can get at least 120 out of this set of 4 different ones.  They are fairly easy to do this way and another way for perfect HSTs – especially when I needed all those 1 1/2″ HSTs for my Star of Chamblie Blocks.   After I have finished cutting and making the remaining HSTs, I will start putting the quilt together!  I know this is a pipe dream but it would be wonderful to have this quilt in a Flimsy by the 30th of April!  What a way to finish the month and start May with another project!  (OOPS I have 12 Stars to make for A Merry Christmas SAL by next Wednesday – what a Dreamer I am!)

Speaking of Marsha,  I have a lot of fabric left from the order I placed in early March and was not sure what to do with it.  I quickly realized that Marsha and Sharon Yenter wrote the Blended Quilts Book I and II.  Was I ever lucky!  I found one on Ebay and one on Etsy!  Each were $8.00!  I am waiting for Book II and just know that this will help me in making a couple of quilts and use up the blue and white fabric, along with some Dutch Chintz that I have left over from when I was working building a stash for Reproduction quilts! (In fact I have a great stash of Dutch Chintz fabric – EXPENSIVE SPLURGE – so I had better do something with it!)

I had visited a local quilt store on 13 Dec 2017 (want to know why I remember the exact date?  I came down with the Flu that night!) and found this neat French General pre-printed embroidery project.  I almost bought a kit that day but decided to settle on this project.  I started working on it last year and have recently picked it up and plan on finishing it during the evenings.  It will be into a nice framed picture for the Wall!

Whittles had Moda Marble Stars on sale and I just could not pass the sale by!  What spoke to me was my Wedding Ring quilt or a patriotic Log Cabin!  The fabric run is not the same as the Moda of 10 years ago.  It is not as soft and smooth, but that is OK.  It will look good in either quilt.

AND, if this is not enough, I found this fabric set aside that I had purchased a few years back to use with the Sweet Land of Liberty Panel by Sandy Gervais!  I have a book called Panel Play that I will enjoy making this easy top as soon as I beat my head against the wall finishing Star of Chamblie!  I wonder just how many more quilts I need to make to continue challenging my brain!

I guess I just needed more and more of Moda Star fabric!  (Sure Nanette!)

Thank you for stopping by and reading about what I have been up to!  I am hoping to meet my end of April goal!  If I get 4 days of sewing accomplished without running into a problem with the sashings or the sawtooth border, I will be done!

Have a great week-end!  Happy Stitching!


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22 Replies to “A Potpourri of Things Going On!”

  1. I couldn’t figure out how you were going to get HST out of those weird shapes until I watched the tutorial. It’s genius! Hope the cutting is fast and easy so we can see this beauty soon! I love that embroidery project too. 🙂


    1. I did not show the start – I used a 5″ square of dark blue and a 3 1/2″ square of the light! You center the white on the blue and I cut them both on a 45 degree, sew 1/4″ and press the light to the Dark! then you put the two pieces together and cut one more time and that is how you get the crazy looking ones. Eleanor’s FG rulers are so great to speed up the process! Now she has you draw a line, but I have found that I just cut and make sure they are equal distance and sew – saves times…. Now I bet you are really confused! LOL

      Thx for nice comments Kathy!

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  2. So many different ways to make flying geese, and this is one I’d not seen before. You have set an extremely ambitious goal for the remaining days of April, your Stars of Chamblie will be gorgeous, but I’m even more intrigued by the Blended Quilts books you just found. Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Thank you Pat – we will see if I meet the goal! I think the Blended books have been out a long time, but looking forward to using up the fabric! They are no longer in print so if you can find one used and in very good condition, it is worth it. Have a great day


  3. Your mini lesson on the flying geese was exctly what I needed Nanette. I need that ruler 🙂 All your projects look fun. Excited to see what you will do with the panel for the 4th of July ~ Sharon


    1. It is worth the $ to purchase her rulers for FG. They are not that expensive and they have a sale sometimes! Check out her web site – Quilt in a Day! Thank your on projects. I have only made one panel and have a few that I need to play with! Can Mr Fibro go away today? LOL

      Have a great week-end!


  4. You had better get busy…you have a lot to accomplish by the 30th (says the girl who is on vacation and has done no sewing, but is enjoying family time immensely)! 🙂


  5. Hi Nanette! Good luck to you – you can get that quilt top all finished in four days especially since you’re determined. I can see why you couldn’t pass up those stars – ohhhhh so nice. I look forward to seeing the update with your finished piece! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. WELL Roseanne…. The stars will be in another quilt! Changes made yesterday after all that work! But it is OK – I think I like where I am going with the setting! Hopefully I can get it to the flimsy even if I do not have the Sawtooth border on! I am sooooo ready to get through with this one! Hugs

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  6. Oh yes I have those flying geese rulers! I love Eleanor Burns (a couple California quilting friends recently got to meet her and her sister and go to her shop). That blue and white quilt is going to be spectacular! Oh I also have that book on Blended Quilts and I’ve made a couple quilts out of it over the years. I think it was one of my first quilt books I bought. When I lived in Seattle I used to go to the In The Beginning Quilt Shop before it closed and they moved to focus on fabric designing.


    1. She is an icon in quilting! We have lost so many the past few years! I will take a quilt as a challenge as I am so ‘not’ a scrappy person. Things have to have some sort of order, but this is the year for doing different things! Out of the rut! LOL!

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  7. I made over 400 flying geese without the luxury of those neat rulers. I may have to look into something like them for the future. Your quilt is going to be beautiful. I really love your embroidery piece. You have some great fabrics too. I am looking forward to watching your progress on all of these projects.


  8. When I got to the end of your post, I realized I was smiling, because I would love all those fabrics, too, and that’s how I make my practically-perfect-geese, and you’ve had such great things going on at your house!


  9. Thank you! I have the entire month of May to get back on track. NOW I need to get with the ‘wash the fabric’ time! Oh joy! But sometimes that is a good break from working on projects! Getting ready for the next one!


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