Star of Chamblie – 9 Blocks Completed!!!

Again, Happy Easter to all!  May we all remember why we celebrate this day each year!

I have finished all 9 blocks for Star of Chamblie!  I have enjoyed the process and the challenge in making them.  I will, of course, be changing the sashings from the little Stars that are in the original quilt pattern.  I am just not in the mood for any more challenges with this quilt!  There was one quadrant that gave me fits on all of the blocks, so there was something amiss but I could not and did not want to dissect the pattern any further!  When you make a highly technical block such as a Feathered Star and only have 1% problems with one little section, that is called HAPPINESS!

I will be using the blue for the 2″ sashings (no stars) and a 2″ blue border around the blocks which will allow me to change fabrics without disrupting the background fabrics used in the Feathered Stars.  If I had been able to make this quilt when I purchased the fabrics, I would not have been so limited on the fabrics, as I would have been able to order more.  So there was a fabric challenge along with the difficult technique in making the blocks.  I was blessed to find 4 more fat quarters of the fabric on eBay – which saved the day!

I will say, that I am very VERY relieved that I am to this point in making this quilt!  Next I will make 176 each, 2 1/2″ HST’s for the Sawtooth border using the Bias Strip Piecing for HST’s  method.  This method provides perfect HSTs with the bias on the inside and straight of grain on the outside!

So I present 9 Blocks for Star of Chamblie Blocks!

I chose to place a plain square in the middle star, with 4 Dark Blue Stars on each corner and 4 Light fabric in the alternating blocks.  The blocks will not be touching when I finish with the sashings.  I have selected the fabrics for the sashings and if it works out I have some beautiful fabric for one more border before I add the Sawtooth (HST’S) Border.

Next step is to make the HSTs, add sashings, add another fabric border, and then the Sawtooth Border.  I am still hoping for a finish before May gets here!

Tomorrow is house cleaning day for me, as I have put it off until all blocks were finished.  If you ever decided to make a feathered star quilt I recommend that you start and do not take a break in the process.  I did take a break and I see where a break in making such a complex block is not advisable.  I had all the remaining blocks cut out, but when you leave a project like this for 2 weeks the rhythm is gone.

Have a wonderful week – and enjoy stitiching!


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34 Replies to “Star of Chamblie – 9 Blocks Completed!!!”

  1. Hi Nanette! Let me be the first to say that these nine blocks are stunning, fabulous and awesome. I think it will be even better with the sashing, border and the additional sawtooth border. Won’t you be so proud to have this on your bed or wherever it finally resides. It is just gorgeous just as it is. Happy Easter! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thank you so much Roseanne! I have enjoyed making it – but lesson learned on this one – do not take a break when you are on a roll! LOL I hope to show it next year along with Brinton Hall, and York Lodge! We shall see!

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    1. Well, it will look different with the sashings – but if I made one that did not have sashings I would make them fabrics that blended more together to make a secondary pattern! Hope you are getting close to Spring! Thank you for the nice words!


    1. Why thank you Kathy – that is how I feel about your sewing skills in making clothes!!!! You are so talented! I am hoping that all works out with this one! Have a great day in the garden, playing the piano, knitting, sewing, etc you talented Lady -and hope Hubby is doing well!

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  2. Your blocks are gorgeous! A challenge is good, but I’m glad you are making it not too over challenging where it is overwhelming! I can not wait to see this quilt finished.


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