HQAL – 14 April 2019

We are now half way through the month of April!!!  Before we know it Christmas will be here!  The time seems to speed up once we switch to DST – I always complain about losing that hour forever! LOL  On the weather (have to have something to complain about) winds were over 15 to 25  MPH every day for the last 4 days and each day they  came from a different direction!  Hope this quick change weather is over with!  On the positive side of life, as I was walking on Thursday morning I looked up and saw the prettiest clouds and though I would share a picture with you.

Clouds 1

Clouds 2

This week has not been a real winner for me as far as sewing goes, (just too many interruptions and appointments) but I was able to catch up with my Christmas SAL.  Waiting for next week’s assignment!  I did finish all 18 Dresdens, Spools and now working on appliquing them to the 5″ square background!  I have finished 4 of the Plates! (Not a fast appliquer am I, at least not this week!)


Finished Dresdens 14 Apr 2019


Green and Gold Spools

I have 4 more blocks to make to finish Star of Chamblie!  I started Thursday afternoon and was halfway finished.  So here is were I was on the block Thursday evening!

Bad Block

Bad Block Part 2

Then Friday afternoon I attempted to finish it and here is how that effort ended up!

Trash Can Block

Oh darn, it is in the trash can!  A typical Nanette mess!  I really messed screwed this one up!  But, alas, it was not in vane,  as I was cutting out a replacement block, I discovered why I was having  issues with the Parallelogram star points!  I should have been making the cut at 1 and 19/16″ and I THINK I may have been cutting them at 1 and 1/2″.  Today will confirm what I think is the issue as I sew the new block. I also quickly re-cut the other Parallelograms for the other 3 blocks to prevent further issues.  I made other errors   (like sewing some seams with a scant and some with the full 1/4″ seam allowance, which of course is a big NO NO!). For some reason I left my mind elsewhere this last week!  LOL  I had a feeling that leaving this project in the middle to take a little getaway would cause me a problem, but there was a reason in doing so.  I was able to take a fresh look at a minor major problem that needed to be corrected!

New Parallograms

In case you would love to make a Feathered Star by Marsha McCloskey, I highly recommend that you purchase her  Feathered Star Ruler!  It will keep you sane!

Marsha McCloskey's FS Ruler

Another ruler that Jan told me about last night is the Creative Grid Itty Bitty Rulers.  I ordered a couple from Amazon last night!  These rulers are in 1/8″ markings!

On the finishing side of things, I did finish my Dish Rag and with no errors!  Yea!  I had problems with this pattern, but now I know where to be careful when coming to an area of the pattern that has been causing ‘operator’ error!

Dish Rag April 2019

Today will be a beautiful day in South Texas – my kind of temperatures in the morning – 47 degrees!  It may be the last of the cool mornings!  Who knows.  I am doing very well in my adventures with Mr Diabetes!  I have found that after supper if I ride the stationary bike and vacuum the house that the glucose levels drop like a rock!  UNBELIEVABLE.  I really had gotten into the habit of just sitting in my chair after supper!  After moving around from 6AM until 6PM including a mile and a half walk, one would think that is enough, but it appears that some movement after eating lowers the glucose levels! Mine are in the normal range now!  I am hoping that in July when I do another A1C that I am below pre-diabetics.

Here is hoping that this next week is peaceful and quiet (only one trip to SA on Wednesday) and that my brain stays with me and not asleep and I can finish Star of Chamblie blocks, and maybe even finish the flimsy!  It would make me happy!

Have a great week all and thank you for stopping by for as the world turns in La La Land!


Today is our HQAL show and tell.  Please take the time to check out the great quilters who are participating in showing their hand work!

KathyLoriKerryEmmaTracyDebConnieDeborah, Slow Stitching Sunday Susan, JessiscaSherryNanetteSassyEdithSharon Grethen ,Karrin

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21 Replies to “HQAL – 14 April 2019”

  1. Hi Nanette ~ ty for sharing the cloud pics, awesome formation! The ruler for the feathered star alone scares me, lol…your a brave soul and I so admire all your work. Really excited to see the Dresden and Spools put together – it will be gorgeous!


    1. You are so sweet Sharon! I remember when I received the ruler – I thought – well more $ wasted. But it saved me (eventually once I understood it)! I may make a push after Chamblie to just finish it! Hugs


  2. Beautiful clouds, thanks for sharing. Your Dresdens are beautiful. A long time ago I took a Marsha McCloskey feathered star class. I have one block done. I don’t think she had the ruler out at that time though


  3. Do not mention Christmas! Unless it is a project, of course. LOL!

    You know I love your Dresdens! I don’t think I’m going to let myself get involved in such a complicated project as your feathered stars…I don’t want to be challenged that much!

    The cloud formations are very cool, Nanette!


    1. Believe me – I want it to slow down! I am not ready for that! I recommend that you do FS during your retirement! LOL There were some very unique cloud formations this week – very pretty!


  4. Beautiful clouds! I like South Texas and West Texas – just not a fan of the humidity in East Texas! I drove through a lot of Texas at the beginning of March – mostly on back roads until I hit I-40 again – and it was so nice to be back there. Your projects are looking great, and I’m going to bet that by the time you finish the Dresdens, you will see an improvement in appliqué, though these look fine to me. The FS? I doubt I will make more than one, if I ever make any. =) Maybe you could salvage part of the star, because it is beautiful fabric! What were the little rulers you decided on?


    1. Thank you so much! I call you my Secret C friend now! LOL. I did salvage the corner squares and the center of the star as I really needed the fabric.
      The rulers are called Creative Grid Itty Bitty Rulers that show the 1/8″ lines. I am happy to have found them through my friend Jan. You can see them here on Amazon!

      They will be great for Reproduction quilts!


  5. Wonderful blocks ,but the feathered star block is beautiful in that blue! Glad to hear you are getting along with Mr. diabetes! Keep up that hard work!!


  6. Oh, no! That beautiful fabric went in the trash? That looks like such a fiddly pattern–but I’m sure you’ll prevail. I like the washcloth, too–it has that woven look I love.


    1. used as much as I could, it is so frustrating, but when I finished one of the points was going to be cut off and so…. I knew taking a break from this type of difficult quilt would be iffy! LOL – so many little things to remember! The Dish Rag is my favorite pattern. I want to make more as it is relaxing in the evening (as long as I do not mess up Row 28 and 29 (LOL). Have a great day!


  7. The cloud formations are very interesting. Is that your home in the one picture? I like the star that is over the front porch.


    1. Well, I am learning to give in and work on something easy when the Fibro and Meniere’s hits. This last week was my fault! I tried eating wheat and it was a disaster for me and my mind! NO MORE EVER! It is poison to my mind and body! Some days my mind is just not on what I am doing – it is racing down the road! LOL Take care!


  8. I almost cried seeing your trash can, all that lovely fabric!😢 You have down so well getting your Diabetes under control, I can tell such a difference in your writing, even! That Christmas quilt is so very pretty, just gorgeous!


    1. It just about killed me when I realized the block was not going to be salvaged. But I did save the 4 corners and the center of the Star.

      I work at it every day! Wheat has now become poised to me know. No more ‘cheating’ because the reaction is fierce.

      But I feel so much happier and physically better.

      Hoping your guy is getting better!

      Hugs and thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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