A Merry Christmas To You SAL Progress

Greetings – now we are in the throws of summer for the day – a wonderful 95 degrees for today – then a change tomorrow.  I am loving this roller coaster ride!  I am getting back in the groove of sewing and working on my projects and daily routine of our retirement life is absolutely wonderful!  I guess I have finally decided that home is the best place to be and take a day trip to get away!  At least this is where I am now.   Once summer really hits all long distance travel is off the list – just too hot!

OK now on to where I am in catching up Susan’s SAL!  I have all of the Mini Dresden’s completed and last week we were to do the Spools!  I cut out all of the 23 blocks (not difficult at all) and yesterday I completed the Red Spools.  Today I will complete the remaining 13 blocks and be caught up for 2 weeks.  This will make time for Star of Chamblie!

Red Spools

I purchased another pattern that I want to make (OK – I am dreaming I understand), but it is so much fun to look forward to making new and different quilts.  Some difficult, some just for fun, and some to drive me absolute nuttier than I already am!  I happen to see Monterrey Medallions on a blog post and just could not pass it up.  I love Atkinson Designs  Monterrey Medallions.  Just could not let it go so I ordered it from Amazon!

Well, this is all I have to show for my few days of ‘sewing’ there would be more, but…..

UPDATE:  I have finished all the Spools – Green and Gold make 23 for this project!

Have a great day and rest of your week and enjoy sewing and quilting, I know I am loving being back into my routine!



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18 Replies to “A Merry Christmas To You SAL Progress”

  1. Hi Nanette! Your enthusiasm just exudes from your post and it feels like I’m catching it! I can see why you just NEEDED Monterrey Medallions – what a pretty pattern. You’ll have to start making plans for what fabric you need to gather for it. I love thinking about new projects. Happy Wednesday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Yes you are in the swing of things sewing. Love the spools. No sewing this week for me but soon. Talk to you this weekend.


    1. The pattern is neat and easy. I did not play the perfectionist on the spools, but close enough for government work! LOL Take care! I think I know who you are now! 2 + 2 = 4!!!!!! Hugs


  3. You are amazing! I am still working on T blocks, lol….The spool quilt is going to be gorgeous and I am excited to see it put together. If anyone can tackle the Medallion’s, you can! Sharon


    1. You are so sweet Sharon! I am now going to get back to Star of Chamblie and it will be done hopefully within the next week or two. I am ready to move on to another project. I really need to get with the program and do another applique quilt! Hummmmmmm LOL



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