Back to Work!

Happy Sunday to all! We are getting rain. 2 inches so far and the Thunderstorms are not over. I am hoping for 5 inches! We have not had rain all winter so this is a blessing. The negative…Menieres and Vertigo but small price to pay for the blessing of rain.

Upon arriving home from Kinder last week nothing went the way I had planned! That is the price we pay for having fun! We came home with majority of our $$$$ so we decided to upgrade our Apple watches to the Series 4. They are 2mm larger than the Series 2 and really make a difference. Money well spent!

I am participating in the A Merry Christmas To You SAL with Suzan Quilts.

I have finished the 4 embroidery blocks.

I was behind everyone due to our trip but now I am getting caught up and hopefully ahead of the game before Wednesday.

There were 18 Mini Dresden Plates and I finished mine yesterday. Next step is to hand applique on the background block and I will do that in the evening. Today I will be working on 23 “Spool”blocks as I want to get ahead of things so I can get back to finishing the last 4 Star blocks for Star of Chamblie.

I am almost through with another knitted Dish Rag. For some reason I tend to get off track with this pattern each time. I do believe I see how I make that mistake! Maybe I have finally mastered the pattern.

Next on the happenings here are the two great books I finally received from Quiltmania.

Di Ford’s Labor of Love
Susan Smith’s quilts Somewhere In The Middle

I would love to make every quilt in the two books. The are so pretty!

Along with the above books I happened upon a Blogger who was making Nancy Rinks Getting to Know Hue! It was a 2016-2017 BOM. I did not want to participate because at that time one had to purchase fabric kits and I do not do kits. This is a great way to play with colors.

I purchased it from Amazon. This is another beauty that I want to make!

It is great to be home and back into a quiet routine. I have now lost 25 pounds. Working to lose weight and manage Diabetes is tricky and very difficult with my food choices but I keep on trying. I do know that too many potatoes and any fruit can play havoc with Glucose levels!

Have a wonderful week and happy sewing!


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29 Replies to “Back to Work!”

  1. Hi Nanette~ Glad your home safe. You have lots to work on and everything looks great! The mini plates are adorable and I love the color scheme. I am excited for you to do ‘Getting To Know Hue’ I know it will be gorgeous! Enjoy your crafting week 🙂 Sharon


    1. Hi Sharon! Yup made it home safe and sound, this morning we went to the dentist for Clay…. I think I should not have been driving! LOL – We made it back in spite of me! This SAL is making me use up some of my Xmas fabric. Hugs have a good one yourself!


  2. I don’t know what it is about those mini Dresdens, but I sure do love them! They are so cute!

    Looks like you are planning some more ambitious projects! 🙂


    1. I think I am addicted to patterns = LOL! The Mini’s are fun but can get boring. I finally stopped making one at a time and did the production line, cut all, fold, sew, clip, and pin 2 dresdens together and then sewed them all! Think it saved some time – not sure! LOL. Hugs

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    2. Thx Laura, I did get a little bored with them this time – probably because I want to finish Star of Chamblie! Always planning….. Always behind….! LOL – have a great week – don’t work too hard


  3. Keep at it….. the diet thing will come together…… and you will feel good most of the time. I commend you for your diligence …….

    Your sewing is pretty awesome as well !!!!!


    1. Figured out the sugar problem – eating my potato each day for potassium! Will only do that once a week or maybe twice but not each day! Moving on to Almonds – hope they agree!


  4. You have some very pretty projects going on. Both of the quilts on the covers of the Quiltmania books look interesting! I was disappointed Quiltmania wasn’t at the Chicago Quilt show last week. I really wanted to peruse through their books. Happy Stitching!


    1. Quiltmania will be in Austin this next year – I want to go. I saw them at the Dallas Show in 2018. They are so good to deal with out of the US office. Martine is great! You would love both books! Hugs


  5. Nice embroidery blocks! I want to make knitted dishrags and I have a couple patterns and the cotton yarn! It is on my to do list someday. Looks like you are getting a lot of stuff done!


    1. Thank you Tierney – how is the moving going? I did not get much done for 2 weeks, price of going on a trip away. Think I will not want to do that for the rest of the year! It takes me away from my quilting, knitting, and routine = this happens when one turns 74!!! LOL. Have a great week!

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  6. My word you have some wonderful projects to work on! My DH is a menieres sufferer so I know it’s not very pleasant!


    1. Thank you! I can sympathize with him. I do not eat out – only rare – this morning it was a day to do so after an early appt. Won’t be eating there again! Talk about too much sodium and sugar high from the refried beans!!! I am still floating!


  7. Those two books look very interesting. Might add them to my wish list or watch for them on my shopping journeys this summer! When I am not quilting, I am knitting too..mostly socks for me and family!


    1. I love Quiltmania – only magazine I subscribe to now. They are really great books and each quilt is something that all quilters would like – complex and some not difficult at all!


  8. You make me dizzy with all the glorious pretties you are stitching at your place. Those two books look as if there are oodles of lovely quilts to be made, between the covers. How fabulous you have had a lot of rain. I hope it greens up everything.


    1. I think I have an problem when I see a pattern that I want to make! I buy it! One would have to start quilting at age 5 and hope by the time they reach 75 they will have them all done! LOL
      We only ended up with 2 inches but it was really needed. Now for about 5 more SOON!


    1. Yes! Now you might wait for a year and they will sell it for about $10.00 cheaper, maybe $15.00 cheaper, but sometimes they do not reprint. I have all 3 of Di Ford’s books. Think this is the first one for Susan Smith!


    1. Hey Kathy! Yes the books are amazing, expensive, but so worth them. When I am gone they will sell as ‘rare books’ Hummmmm Now to lose 5 or 8 more pounds and then hold it!
      Hope your week goes well!


  9. Wow 😮 so impressed with your continuing weight less especially being away from home.

    I have to limit carbohydrates for my health and should be shedding pounds with my diet

    But I think I am not being as diligent as I need to be

    I need to get thinner and my husband needs to fatten up

    I am not walking every day which is bad for my health also


    1. Colleen it is always a struggle to keep weight off! I have been overweight 2 times – First time was when I put on 30 pounds after I quit smoking in 1989 and then the last 3 years, but there was a reason I just let go… Comfort food! Now I know why I did not feel good – Diabetes!
      Hang in there. Walking makes my day go so much better and I sleep better at night! The little Endorphins really wake up after a walk!


  10. I love the variety of techniques you’re using for the Christmas quilt–your embroidery looks wonderful! You have projects planned out for a LONG time into the future!


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