Back Home and So Happy

We are home from our Mini Outing To Kinder Louisiana Casino! We arrived home on Thursday. We had a wonderful trip and did not lose the homestead in the Casino!

It feels good to be home and back in a routine!

Here are some pictures of the Chalet and area where we stayed.

Her is a picture of the Navigator parked in Chalet Number 6!

All the comforts of home with a few exceptions. The shower was for short people and when we sat on the couch we sunk to the floor! LOL 😂 Clay is 5’11” and I am 5’8″.

We sailed through Houston without stopping at all.

This afternoon while sewing I looked up to see the fattest Squirrel sitting in our bird feeder. I just had to take a picture of this!

Our bird feeder is a pole with a cookie sheet and a metal lamp shade that usually keeps the Squirrels 🐿 out of it! But not today!

In addition while we were away our trees bloomed. I was so happy to see all the pretty green. If we do not get rain we will lose more trees this summer.

Have a great weekend and watch out for April Fools Day!


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20 Replies to “Back Home and So Happy”

  1. Green grass!!!!!!! Your vacation home looked cozy but as a tall person, I hate it when I sink to the bottom of a chair. It’s too hard to get out! And short showers are a nuisance! Enjoying relaxing at home now. Squirrels are so much fun to watch.


    1. Well, there are a lot of weeds, but we do have some grass in the back – but no rain yet!
      It is a bummer in traveling, I think I am finished with it! Either the shower head is 3 feet too high or like this one – way to low! I am trying to come down of the craziness of getting ready to go and then coming home and catching up! Hope your Spring arrives soon! Hugs


    1. Well, if we would have stayed we would have lost some $$$ as the machines were locked down starting on Wednesday! It is no fun to sit and feed them and receive nothing! Guess that is called GAMBLING


  2. Hi Nanette! Oh, the blooming trees are so pretty!! I can hardly wait to see a few buds on the trees right outside my windows. That squirrel was certainly enjoying the bird feeder. He almost looked like he dared you to take his picture. Glad you had fun at the casino! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. It was so nice to arrive home to the beautiful green! The Mesquite trees have bloomed so Spring is here in South Texas and summer shortly behind that!
      Mr Squirrel needs to stay out of the cookie dish! Think he dropped in from the tree. Clay used to put grease on the pole to keep them from climbing. I miss my birds – he scared them away.

      I think I have had enough Casino for awhile. Need to find another thing to do in place of! I also miss our 36″ Fifth Wheel, but when you are in mid-70’s it is time to give all that hard work up!


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