HQAL FOR 24 March 2019!

I have finished all 9 blocks for A Bountiful Life!  Now on to the Border, which may take another month to do that!

Picture 2 of 9 blocks

Lighter Picture to Show Colors

9 Blocks - A Finishing of Blocks - March 2019

The background is not quite this dark!

This is the last block that I finished this week!

Bountiful Life Block 9

Lots of Fruits!

Have a great week – we are on the way to Kinder to enjoy a week of Casino time and time to get away from Cabin Fever!  Have a great week!


Please check out the other participants in the HQAL and enjoy their projects.

KathyLoriKerryEmmaTracyDebConnieDeborah, Slow Stitching Sunday Susan, JessiscaSherryNanetteSassyEdithSharon Grethen Karrin

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