Moving Along with Feathers!

Greetings from South Texas where it should be March, but think Mother Nature is confused!!!  29 This morning and now just 47, but we have sunshine!  Nice day, for staying inside and quilting!

I have been working on the Stars for the middle block of my Feathered Stars.  BOY!  What a job in cutting, but I have it down pat now!  Thank Goodness! Those 1/16″ cuts added to a normal cut is a killer – even with notes!

I will have 4 Blue Stars for the corner blocks, and 4 White Stars for the remainder of the blocks.  The first block I made will be my center block.  I am going to start making the feather part now for these 4 blocks, then I will make the remaining 3 white stars and make the feathers for them!  I am so excited now that I chose this as my next project.

Blue Stars and One White Star for Star of Chamblie Quilt
Stars measure at 6 1/8!

Today, just at the right time, I received the order of fabric from Marsha McCloskey to finish my quilt.  I love this fabric made by Clothworks – it is a dream to work with and so soft!

Additional Fabric from Marsha
Marsha McCloskey fabrics in Blue!

I ordered another piece from Marsha that really grabbed me!  It is from Sharon Yentor In The Beginning fabrics called Floral Bouquets and Fancies!  Beautiful! The color is a vibrant red – I do not know why it is not showing up as such, but its a beautiful piece to work with on another project!

Sharon Yentor In The Beginning fabric Toille

Time to get back to cutting!  I am so glad that I purchased Marsha’s ruler a long-long time ago.  It is really a must if you ever make one of her Feathered Stars!


21 Replies to “Moving Along with Feathers!”

  1. Those are beautiful, does Marsha McCloskey still do fabrics ? I haven’t seen any of her new collections for quite a long time but I love those blues. Thank you for always sharing your work,


  2. Did I read that correctly — one SIXTEENTH of an inch? Your blue stars are beautiful and your labors will be well worth it!


  3. Hi Nanette! Oooh, I just love, love, LOVE those stars. And your new fabrics – they look nice and soft and will work beautifully in this piece. Hmm, good thing you said it was red as it sure reads brown in the photo. Yes – it is definitely still winter up here. Only 8 this morning, but we are promised 37 on Friday with 40s to follow. At this point, I’ll believe it when it actually happens. Happy Wednesday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. If you ever decide to make the Stars of Chamblie I highly recommend that you read one of her books on Feathered Stars (I or II) before starting. I did not and that is where a wealth of information lies! But it was a great challenge and Math Refresher for me to figure it out myself.
      (I guess – LOL) Have a great week-end!


  4. Gosh that looks like a lot of precision cutting is required….but oh how beautiful this quilt is going to be. Love those new blue and white fabrics of yours; they are so pretty.


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