February Finishes – A Recap

OK Ladies, I can put up with a Bad Back, Diabetes, Food intolerance, Fibro and getting old, BUT I hate Meniere’s (Vertigo)  It got me last night and I am still not steady!  Out of all the dumb things I have this one can really cause me serious problems.  This aggravates me because I have to slow down or I fall down and go boom if not careful.  Also, it takes time away from my quilting!  BooHoo – poor poor pitiful me!

BUT I will share a short recap of my finishes for the month of February 2019.  March will be a rather short month because we are going to take a week off to go to Louisiana – FINALLY getting out of the house after 3 months of staying away from the flu germs!  So here we go with February closeouts!

  1.  Completed 2 baby quilts  Baby Quilts and Stars
  2.  Block 7 of A Bountiful Life  Bountiful Life and a New SAL
  3.  Finished the Remake of  Enduring Love   Enduring Love!
  4. Capital T Quilt  Capital “T”
  5. Completed the 4 Embroidery Blocks for A Merry Christmas to You SAL  A Merry Christmas To You SAL
  6.  Finished my Heart Quilt and loaded A Dresden Plate on the Long Arm  It’s A Finish

It was a good month even with the Refrigerator fun and games!  I am so happy to have finished these projects (well OK not the SAL and only 2 more blocks for A Bountiful Life!)

Have a great week-end and looking forward to March!


23 thoughts on “February Finishes – A Recap

  1. That is an impressive list Nanette! Oh, I do feel for you! I suffer with vertigo sometimes and it is so debilitating!! I hope it goes away soon!


    • I do not get it often as I really watch salt. I think this spell is due to a big weather change coming and it must be a bad one for us. It shall pass. Thx for the comforting words. Hugs 🤗


  2. Hi Nanette! I am so sorry to hear you are suffering from vertigo. I also suffer from that, and I suspect I inherited it from my mother. I haven’t had an attack for several months now – it sure would be nice to figure out what triggers it, if there is a trigger. Very impressive list for February! It’s only four short weeks. Here’s to a productive March and a fun diversionary trip. ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. A very impressive list of projects. I’m sorry to hear about your vertigo issues. We have a very similar list of ailments. Getting older is not fun. Hugs


    • Thank you Cathy. I always push thru and lucky that they finally told me about the Diabetes so I have lost 22 pounds and 8 more to go. No medicine for any of my problems but when the Menieres acts up I am down!

      Hope you are doing well. I do believe that Summer will be better!

      Hugs 🤗


  4. It is inherited and Menieres is a White Man’s disease. No cure. Weather changes, barametric pressure changes, sodium, sugar and stress will trigger an episode!Lovely 😊

    Today was a sit and do nothing as the brain is not engaged!


  5. Thank you Tierny. The weather and maybe all the trees trying to bloom at once. It is caused by fluid in the ear and Eustecean tube problems. Some better this morning

    Have s great weekend. Hugs o


  6. That’s is a huge amount accomplished, lady! I get vertigo when my allergies go crazy, but it usually only hovers on the edges when I first wake up. Enjoy some lovely music and close your eyes, God must be telling you to take a rest! Hugs!


  7. You got a lot done despite those problems. Prayers for a return to health. I’ve had vertigo once and it is definitely no fun. Stay warm.


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