It’s A Finish!

I finished my Heart Quilt today! Another goal met. It feels so good! I did the binding on the machine. I am used to hand sewing the binding on quilts but for utility quilts I need to become more proficient with the technique!

Tomorrow I will be loading a quilt I made over 14 years ago when I first started quilting. It is an Alice Wilholt Dresden Plate pattern.

I went through my fabrics and found a piece of fabric that I have not one clue why I purchased it! I guess it was on sale and I was building my stash. But it will make a great backing for the Dresden with the green Moda on each side!

After loading the quilt I will then study the Feathered Star book and plan to start the quilt then.

Have a great evening!


23 Replies to “It’s A Finish!”

    1. Getting the last 2 blocks done for Bountiful Life will be absolutely wonderful! When I lose interest, I tend to drag my feet to finish it. Keeping a quilt loaded for the long arm all the time until those are quilted! Still holding on to 3 of them to send out this summer…..
      Have a great day Kathy! Hugs

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  1. You are on fire girl. Love the Dresden and the back fabric will do nicely. Busy, busy. That is so good for the personal morale. Glad you are out of your funk. Have a good day.


  2. The Heart Quilt is fabulous ~ I am so partial to browns for quilts. It just gives it that old country feel. The Dresden Plate is lovely too – you have been quite busy and perfectly productive 🙂


    1. I need to take a picture of the ‘before’ rack of quilts that need to be quilted and later when I am finished with the ones I will quilt. I love the rustic and reproduction look of the Hearts also. This is how life was before 22 April 2014! Productive


  3. Let’s try this again! Hi Nanette! You are finished with one of my favorite quilts. I love this heart quilt – I have never done a machine binding, but I think it is something I should practice and add to my skill set. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Well, it evidently does take practice. I usually use 2″ strips for my binding but this time I thought maybe I needed to do 2 1/4″ and that was a wrong choice. The Dresden will be better! It does save me a lot of time and the hands for applique or embroidery! Hugs

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    1. This was from Quilting with a Cause collection. I purchased a group of samples from the Dallas Show, then I found out there was a pattern for it. Still have fabric left over may do that one someday!


  4. I love your heart quilt, Nanette! I haven’t seen heart appliqués on quilts in awhile, but they are PERFECT for those outreach quilts. It must feel great to get that languishing Dresden Plate UFO ready to quilt at long last. I look forward to seeing what loveliness you will be quilting in all of that white space! It’s like a blanket of newfallen snow, inviting you to come out and play. 🙂


    1. Well, If Mr Meniere’s had not visited me starting last night (horrible Vertigo) I might be quilting instead of doing the computer! I want to try out some rulers on this quilt – good practice!
      Have a great week-end and thank you for commenting!


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