Enduring Love!

Happy Saturday! We need to push for better Weathermen on our local news! They have missed the mark all winter! I started out with a nice short sleeve scope neck this morning and my walk, only to find out that it was 49 degrees with a damp 10-12 MPH wind. Obviously I changed to a turtle neck and ear muffs! I know that the North has really suffered with all the snow and sub-zero temperatures and are really looking for an early Spring. Since Easter is late this year, I predict (based on my years) that we will have a cool Spring and then in May we will start the 100+ temperatures. I hope I am wrong!

Today I finished the remake of Enduring Love! It is always a good feeling to finish a quilt top – even if I did have to make this quilt twice. I started this quilt in the Spring of 2015 and got as far as the Square in a Square border only to have problems! I took it apart, fixed that problem but by then I was sick of the quilt and gave all the fabric away! I was having issues with the fabric and firmly believe that I had received a bad run of the fabric. It was from Judy Rothermel’s Legacy line. When I got to that point I added a 6″ border of some light fabric from the same fabric line (I do not have a picture of it) and it has hung in the “quilting waiting line” since 2015! This is where I started after taking that last border off in January.

I was looking at Carol Hopkins new book Vintage Legacies in November or December and there was Enduring Love again! I decided that I would remove the border that I put on the quilt in 2015 and try again. I was very lucky to find an on-line store that still had some of the fabric line and this time I did not have any issues finishing the quilt top.

The border is brown, but looks different in the pictures. The quilt is 80 x 80 and is just too big to get a good picture! This quilt top is what I call a “Labor of Love” because of the time I spent in making the dumb thing twice and then re-doing the last 3 borders – Stars, 1 1/2″, and the 4″ final border. I am pleased with the finished quilt top.

I have completed 3 of the 4 embroidery blocks for the Susan’s SAL . What a nice break it has been to switch to embroidery rather than applique! There is one more block and then we will start piecing and working on Dresden Plates that are in the quilt pattern.

Now I need to decide on which pattern of the long list for 2019-2020 that I made up in January. I am really drawn now to five (5) different quilts. I am rather tired of making stars for now and want to work on something different

OMIGOSH! by Sue Garman

Star of Chamblie by Marsha McCloskey

Double Wedding Ring by Shar Jourgenson

Infinity from Twist and Turn Bargello Quilt by Eileen Wright

Log Cabin by Judy Martin using Marti Michell’s Rulers

Any of the five will probably drive me nuts, but they are challenging projects! I will continue on with my Capital T quilt (Bella has had to stop her Capital T project) and complete 12 blocks and finish the quilt. Then I want to focus on my Four Crowns block to see where it takes me.

Capital T Block

Four Crowns Block

In a few days I will select the project to work on! For hand work I have 2 more blocks to applique for A Bountiful Life and need to prepare Section 6 of Stonefields. Busy Busy Busy – and it has been so peaceful and quiet which allows me to make progress on my Bucket list!

Have a great weekend!


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34 Replies to “Enduring Love!”

  1. Hi Nanette! I would certainly say that quilt is a very endearing labor of love. And so worthy of both the three year break and your concentration to get it finished now. Good for you – I really think it is lovely. I can honestly say I probably wouldn’t have finished it, especially after getting rid of that fabric. I am looking forward to seeing your Capital T quilt along with the Four Crowns. Lastly, I hope you are totally wrong about 100 degree weather in May, as I think I’m heading to southern OK right around then! My blood will still be thick from the northern temperatures. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. thank you Roseanne! I am ready to get it quilted, but have one to do that I am going to load and finish that one first! Starting on fun easy blocks today! I am not sure what is going on with the weather other than when Easter is in late April we tend to have cold weather on that week-end. I would be happy with 90’s and 60’s during the summer but that is a pipe dream.

      Hope that the 100’s do not start until late July (dreamer that I am). LOL. Hugs

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  2. Enduring Love is beautiful, Nanette. It sounds as though you have had a productive week, and now hopefully all your appliance issues are behind you! Today was a good day for me over all. I crawled to JoAnns in the snow storm yesterday and got something that would work for Round 4 of the sewing bee. I really dislike that fabric store, but it is the only non quilt store in town and I was really hoping for a nice twill. The one I got is OK, but I think it isn’t straight, so its going to be a nightmare to cut. I washed and cut out yesterday and started sewing in earnest today. So far, so good. I have the shirt done except for sewing on the buttons and cutting the buttonholes. I got the zipper, pockets, and yoke onto the jeans and basted them up real quick, and Glory Hallelujah, I think they fit pretty well. That is a huge relief! Had some fever thing this morning but I took a nap and Greg went out a got Chicken noodle soup, and I feel much better. Not the week to get sick!

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    1. It has been a nice 4 days – so dull! Yea! You are doing great with the Sewing Bee! You really are a fantastic seamstress! I do not like JoAnn’s, etc. I hope that you are not getting sicker! We have stayed away from stores since December as we did not want to get sick. We order the groceries on line and go into LV and pick them up! We will be going on a trip in March and we are both looking forward to it! Take care and get better!

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      1. So far so good. I didn’t feel great this afternoon, but it was Performance Class day, which is really pretty easy. I’m feeling fine now, but I could do without these kids walking in the door and announcing their sibling has a 104 degree fever! Oh, and I broke the sewing machine on Sunday morning before church, trying to sew the jeans. Sweet older lady let me follow her home and take hers, and old Viking, and it plowed through it like it was nothing. Adventures I could do without!


  3. Enduring Love has turned out beautiful! I like both the T blocks and crown of Thorns. They’ll be lovely too. Enjoy which ever project you make next. I thought Infinity was really fun project and a lot easier than I thought it would be. Just remember to label, label and label again! Happy stitching!


  4. Thank you Gretchen. I am trying to figure out a setting for a Capital T quilt – found one but have to put it to memory. There are 3 different settings and am trying to decide on making just one setting, or repeat all 3 different block settings……….Ah decisions! Yes Label and Blog really helps jog the memory! I know I should document on paper more of each quilt story!


  5. You really had to practice your endurance for the completion of the Enduring Love quilt!
    It’s amazing… so many borders which for me is a true demonstration of excellence in construction techniques! Enjoy your embroidery and thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!


  6. Congrats on pushing through and conquering Enduring Love! The result is well worth it…you have a wonderful quilt!

    So glad that you are continuing with the Capital T…you do Bella honor!

    I love the Omigosh quilt by Sue Garman! Now that looks like a fantastic challenge for sure! You do know how to pick ’em! LOL!


    1. Thanks on the Enduring Love – it was a bad year in 2015! No brains.
      I am going to finish this quilt this week. The blocks will be easy and yes – she did a lot of work to spark the interest!

      I found a block that I had made when I tried to start Omigosh in the last 2 years, but guess I was not up to the task. It is not a difficult quilt – just lots and lots of piecing and small blocks! Great challenge from the great Sue G!


  7. Hi Nanatte~ I am in awe of all your projects, everything looks so gorgeous. Enduring love looks amazing, I love the redo. I am continuing with the T block’s too. I think I am leaning towards the Log Cabin but they are all wonderful and whatever you pick I know you will be fabulous ~ Sharon


  8. I am going to get the Capital T done ASAP. I am going to make 11 more blocks (or less) and make the quilt top! I also like the Log Cabin – have only made 1 since I started piecing in 2004!
    Time for another one! And thank you for the nice comments about my work!


  9. So the first thing I did upon reading your blog today was add Judy Martin’s Log Cabin Quilt book to my cart at Barnes and Noble. I received a gift certificate for Christmas and now I know what I want. Enduring Love is gorgeous. How wonderful that you persevered and finally finished it. Your blocks are so pretty. I love the red/black and white one.


    1. Judy’s book can be complex, but when I first bought it (a few years back) I learned things from her. One thing was to use 50 wt thread when sewing to eliminate the problem of doing a 1/4” seam allowance and having blocks come out less than the pattern.
      Also the use of a scant 1/4”. She is very detailed. If you like a challenge this is the book.
      Thanks for commenting on Enduring Love. It will be a favorite of mine.


    1. Thank you Lori! I used to use gutterman and one other one, but when I found Aurifil threads in 2003 when there was only 1 representative around. I buy nothing but Aurifil threads. They make a great 12 wt for embroidery and their 50 wt for sewing. I use Robinson 50wt in my long arm. The machine did not do well with other brands.
      Aurifil used to be priced lower, but now everyone has found it and they can get pricey but worth it.

      And when putting blocks together that have a lot of pieces I use that ‘scant’ 1/4″ This way I have a block that comes out correctly! Of course they do not tell all the secrets to all.

      I also cut my HST squares 1/8 or more larger than the pattern and the square them down. I cut my squares, then put the 2 pieces together and cut them diagonally and sew them together. Years ago I gave up all the “shortcuts’ and do it the traditional way – faster that way.

      I have figured out a way to make Eleanor Burns method much quicker and shorter for flying geese – of course after I made those 44 stars! LOL!

      Have a great day!


  10. Your Enduring Love quilt is beautiful. So, so much time, love and determination has gone into this lovely quilt. A most beautiful finish!


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