Capital T Sew Along!

I can mark a big check mark on my Capital T blocks as ‘done’ on my 2018 project list! I have completed November, December, and January Capital T blocks for the Sew Along! YEA! Bella’s Capital T Sew Along is a neat way to make a Capital T quilt in 12 months. She provides a different take on the Capital T block. Bella has done such a great research on the Capital T Quilt. Check on her Blog when you have time.

November 2018 Block

December 2018 Block
January 2019 Block

I am doing all my blocks in Red and White!

If you would like to join in send her an email and she will put you on the list! At the end of the month she will show off your block for the current month!

Even though it is only 3 blocks that I have completed, I feel good because it is one thing I can cross off my “to do” list and now I am caught up with the Monthly Sew Along.

I have decided to participate in the RSC 2019 but not on the Tiny Tuesday blocks. I just want to do one block a month. This morning when I turned my perpetual quilting block calendar to 11 January 2019 and Four Crowns is the block for the day! I immediately knew that it would make a beautiful quilt in all the RSC colors for 2019, so one Red block coming up for January! I would like to make 12 blocks in different colors and probably in Batiks! The other alternative would be to make the blocks in one color way! We shall see what I can accomplish!

Next on my list is to make 2 baby quilts and redo the borders on Enduring Love!

Things are coming along!

Have a great week-end! I am hoping for winter time again soon! (Dreamer)


19 Replies to “Capital T Sew Along!”

  1. Hi Nanette ~ Your T blocks are gorgeous! I really like that you picked 2 solid colors for this. I think it really shows off the ‘T’ and makes it so much more dramatic. triple check on these


  2. Hi Nanette! The excitement and positiveness in your post is catching. I am all pumped about doing my color block for this month. I’m joining one for the first time, and can’t even tell you who is hosting it but the color is green. Thanks for the link to Bella’s blog – I will check it out. I also love the block for January 11th – Four Crowns will make a fabulous quilt. I look forward to seeing if you decide to use one colorway or go the multiple route. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. I am trying to limit the BOM of the month from on-line but so tempting to jump in. As long as it is one block a month that allows me to continue working on my list! Have a great week-end Roseanne! Hugs


  3. The red is Moda Marble Mates. They do not make them anymore. So I want to make a quilt that has a history for the block and the fabric! I love this fabric! I was in a store in Oklahoma about 6 years ago at a small shop in Durant and bought the last of the bolt – think it was close to 7 yards! The white is Windham “Grace II” by Whisler (?) I bought about 7 yards last December at a local store, loved using it with batiks – my RSC 2018 was made with this white. Then I ordered a bolt from Hancocks of Padachua. I was lucky – it was marked wrong when I received the bolt and they gave it to me for that price!


    1. Thank you Lori – this is one of my most treasured pieces of fabric – Wish they still made it. Moda marbles changed about 6 years ago as far as the fabric they are using. Nothing like what I have in my monstrous stash of Moda’s. It was all I bought when I started sewing. They were the best!

      Hope all is well! Hugs


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