My 2018 UFO Progress

I thought that I would take some time to show my UFO quilt projects (they are all in flimsy stage along with the 2 quilts this year I quilted) that I have completed this year.  If I can finish Brinton Hall by the end of the month I will have finished 10 quilts.  The only UFOs that remain or completions of Stonefields (5 more chapters to complete), A Bountiful Life (about 13 more blocks), and applique my Dresden Plates to back ground fabric and sew together!  So based on this, I will TRY to not start anymore applique projects until I have completed the 3 hold overs from 2016-2018!

My Regatta Quilt - It has a new home!
My Regatta Quilt – It has a new home!


BAS BOM - Ms Potts
Baltimore Applique Society (BAS) BOM – Ms Potts
A Year of Flowers and Holidays
A Year of Flowers and Holidays – a Sierra Vista AZ Quilt Guild BOM
2003 Xmas Quilt
First Appliquer Quilt – 2003 Xmas Quilt Quilted by Nanette in 2018
2004 Bear Paw
A 2004 Bear Paw Quilt – I quilted it in 2018
Lone Star
Stars Across Texas – an Embroidery project
Baltimore Block
Decided to make a wall hanging from this Baltimore Album block
Awakening Hearts made in May (hearts) and Flimsy 5 Jun 2018
A May 2018 Heart SAL. Fun to do.
It's a Flimsy - 25 August 2018
Nesting – Ready for hand quilting!
Block 7
Block 6 Completed for A Bountiful life
RSC 2018 Project
My version of RSC 2018 Challenge
York Lodge
A LONG Labor of Love to make this quilt! It too me about 3 1/2 months to make (along with interruptions)!
Mini Mountmellick
Mini-Mellick A Final!

I am so happy that I have accomplished all of my UFO’s.  Now to just finish Brinton Hall!

To close, God Bless President George H. W. Bush and may he Rest In Peace!  What a testament to this President as a Man!  A wonderful person who had so many friends who loved him and he loved them back!  God be with the family and especially GW and Laura Bush as they have suffered the loss of both loving parents and in-laws within 8 months.






24 Replies to “My 2018 UFO Progress”

  1. Hi again Nanette! What a great list of UFO finishes for the year! Bravo to you. And there’s still a few weeks left . . . you might add another to that list yet. Happy Happy Thursday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. You’ve been busy this year in spite of all the set backs. Your completed flimsies and quilts are lovely. Brinton Hall is still my favorite. Can’t wait to see that one moved along!


    1. After I finish Brinton Hall, all previous years will be completed – EXCEPT those pesky 3 that have to be appliqued! It will be hard to not start another applique project in 2019, but only if I finish what I have started! Have a great week-end.


    1. Thank you Rachel. I made the Bear Paw so long ago but did not get the quilting done until this year! That is what happens when we stop after the quilt top has been completed, but it is not until the top is quilted – darn! Where are those quilting elves when we need them?


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