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Good morning!  Here in South Texas we are in a rainy sprinkling couple of days, then a nice cold front will arrive in Sunday!  We had an uneventful trip home from Sierra Vista Arizona and arrived safe and sound on Saturday the 24th!  One positive thing about traveling on IH 10 West – there is very little traffic, in fact there is not much of anything on IH 10 from Kerrville, Texas to El Paso, Texas.  So leaving on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving was great as far as any traffic issues.

Of course, we discovered our Routers were both dead, so we had to deal with that.  By Monday morning the new Network Routers were in place and that problem resolved.   As always, there were a few more days to get our normal routine.

We enjoyed our 14 day trip, visiting Tombstone, Desert Diamond Casino in Sahuarita, Arizona, the San Xavier Mission in South Tucson and a 2nd trip to Tombstone.  We visited with my friend Nancy from Benson Arizona, Doug and Jean, whom we met in 2005 through the Radio Ham Club, and Billy and and Lonnie.  It was great visiting with friends.

We stayed at the Garden Place Hotel which was across the way from Ft Huchachu.  It was a great place with wonderful staff who provided great service.  The weather was very pleasant, but not cold enough for me.  I was hoping for some snow on the mountains.

Here are some pictures from Tombstone, Desert Diamond, Garden Place, and the surroundings of the Sierra Vista and Tombstone area.

Pictures from the Crystal Palace in Tombstone Arizona and other pictures of Tombstone.

Pictures from the Terrain from Tombstone to Sierra Vista

Pictures from Desert Diamond Casino

Pictures from San Xavier Mission South of Tucson

Breakfast View from Garden Place, Sierra Vista, Arizona

Sierra Vista is 4,500 feet elevation nestled in the Huachuca Mountains!  Great place to visit and stay and become a Touristo!

Have a great day!



12 Replies to “Back to Posting and Quilting!”

    1. We traveled for 15 winters from South Texas – they all thought we were nuts! But the weather was nice and cold and I loved it. We were having warm winters most of those years! No more RV. This was our last trip!


  1. Hi Nanette! What lovely pictures. It sure looks like you had a fabulous trip, but isn’t it nice to be back home in your own bed? With your own pillow? I love traveling but even more coming home. It makes me appreciate it very much. Happy Happy Thursday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Welcome home~ Always love a great desert trip post but when you mentioned Benson
    I really perked up – my husband was born in Benson (’44); memory lane, desert highways, quilting, great photo’s, it can’t get much better! ~ Sharon


    1. Thx Sharon. ’44 was a good year! Sierra Vista has grown in the last 3 years and Benson is still the same. That trek from SA to El Paso on IH10 is a boring highway, not to mention the windy areas – could blow one off the highway! Hugs


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