Brinton Hall on a Slow Stitching Sunday

I have been trying to finish the Center Medallion for Brinton Hall UFO.  I am down to only one corner remaining and will complete this today.  The next step is to select the next border.  I will more than likely change the pattern at this point.  My goal is to have that completed and the Medallion ready to stitch down before I began preparing for our trek to Arizona.  I am so ready to have a change of pace!

I will again admit that sitting all day long in my Studio doing had work is just not for me!  I will be working on those lovely small flowers for Mountmellick border while we are in Arizona.   Hopefully I will be able to finish them and upon return home, that border will be ready for completion and the remainder of both quilts will be piecing, along with some hand work, but not the constant hand work which I have been struggling to stay focused on.  It would be great if I could finish both quilt tops by the end of the year!

The weather will be humid for 3 days the cold front comes in just in time for the beginning of our trip!   YEA!

I am still struggling with the idea that I “am diabetic”.  My weight loss is maintained and beginning to go down again I almost saw another pound going away but those 2 ounces kept it at 10 (oh well).  I will meet my weight goal of 10-15 more pounds in the next couple of months, but my food list is down to eggs and chicken!  In case anyone out there eats cough drops and struggling with weight gain, here is a TIP!  Each cough drop contains 5 grams of SUGAR!  YUP – that was something that I did not know and when I had the flu in December last year I developed a habit of eating those puppies during the day!  My glucose levels have dropped like a rock since I quit those and potatoes!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


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18 Replies to “Brinton Hall on a Slow Stitching Sunday”

  1. Noticed you did the centers of Brinton Hall with one fabric cut “just so”. Cool…. I labored over find seven handsome fabrics …… I think it is great that you have embraced your new eating lifestyle.


    1. Well to be honest it was fairly easy! I was limited to chicken and eggs, chips and hershey kisses – Celiac, etc and no dairy, corn, preservatives, or condiments! The Carbs really pack on the weight! I had a head start! But there are times when I really want something to crunch on so I am eating roasted no salt Cashews. I have been a walker all my life, so I still at 74 walk 30 minutes each day which is about 1 1/2 miles! I would really be in a pickle if I had been able to eat like everyone else! Each time I did I paid dearly. Things will settle down now, but guess it will take a couple of months to get to the goal I really want! Have a great week.


  2. I love your quilt. It is coming along great. I know what you mean about the cough drops. I was amazed at how much sugar is in over the counter medications. I now use sugar free cough drops and syrups. Good job with the weight loss. Pass on your secret. Hugs


  3. Your hexagon quilt is beautiful, but it would make me dizzy to work on it, lol. My husbands Dr gave him great advice to keep his blood sugar down, besides a low carb diet, he told him to get some form of exercise after every meal. We walk/hike a lot and it really helps. A 2 mile walk lowers his sugar so much that he stays in the normal range now. This is especially great for holidays and special occasions when he wants to splurge and have a slice of cake or an extra piece of lasagna. Good luck!


    1. I walk 30 minutes each day, quit eating chips, Hershey Kisses, and Halls Cough Drops. Glucose runs from 90 to 107. And that is in a month.

      I have been experiencing sugar withdrawals. No fun.

      Thx for commenting Bella.


  4. I love how the hexies change colors! You have really been working hard on this. I’m with you on too much hand stitching. It does go from relaxing to tiresome at a certain point. Your body is starting to adjust and soon the worst will be over. The weight loss has got to feel good! Have a great time on your trip. 😄


    1. If I had room for a recliner I could do hand work all day (if the hands work). Today is to sew the last quadrant – 5 rows together and then I am going to prepare emroidery blocks to take along to AZ trip! YEA! Weather here is yukky – foggy and now overcast – no sun until later – maybe!

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    1. I am leaving it here and taking knitting bag, a bag with the 1/2″ hexagons for Mountmellick and Sweet Stitches (embroidery) They will not take up a lot of room! Sure do miss our 36 foot 5th wheel that we spent 17 winters in, but it will be nice to let hotel staff take care of all!!!! This is a real vacation!

      Thank you for the lovely comment!


  5. I wish I had your eye for choosing fabrics and prints. Those centers are stunning. Yes, there is sugar in just about everything even ketchup. I commend you for keeping on with the diligence…your health is so worth it, Nanette.


  6. Thank you Jocelyn. When I was young we matched colors – no scrappy looking dresses! When I started quilting after retirement I went for a fabric (focus) and moved on to learning some color, but I am beginning to think that this might be a niche for me. I am only good with controlled scrappy quilts as you can tell in Brinton Hall.

    I do appreciate the compliment so much. Diet is coming along very well. Another pound gone. I do believe I can incorporate a small potato in the diet again for breakfast only! Then no more starchy carbs the rest of the day!

    We also are having a lot of yukky days here in South Texas. I have a feeling it will be a cold and wet winter which is not a problem for me as I love cold and rain. Hubby hates the cold and rainy days. But those are good days for quilting! Hugs


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