Happy Halloween!

Today another year older, but happier and wiser than ever!  I have received well wishes from my Clay who gave me the most beautiful card (also some speakers for my computer) we always try to outdo each other when we share cards!  On our 22nd Wedding Anniversary we picked out the same card for each other – we really had a laugh on that one.  Have received birthday wishes from Kay and Susan (cousins), Jaydee (Amazon gift certificate – thank you so much), my friend Bonnie and wishes from my older step son Ricky (who will call me later this evening) my younger stepson George will call later today.

My friend Cathy sent me a pin cushion that she made (Rabbit this year) and one last year(Remember Me) that I forgot to showcase!  She is so talented and such a dear friend!  Cathy always sends Clay and I a card on special holidays and we so enjoy them.

Cathy’s Pin Cushion – Absolutely Beautiful!
Love this Bunny Rabbit – This is my Birthday Present from Cathy this year!

Then the biggest surprise that came today from Lori.  Thank you so much Lori for the beautiful flowers!

I have so much to be thankful for, especially my great quilting buddies, Jaydee, Jan, Gretchen, Cathy and Lori who listen to me when I am on a roll, or rolling down the hill!  Great friends and great Step-sons who love me who would be with me if I needed them!

I am extremely blessed with my Clay – we would both be lost without the other – we were so blessed to have God put us together.   Someday I may post that happening.  We grew up together on the same street, attended the same school, never dated, and he located me when I lived in the Washington DC/Northern Virginia area on 3 June 1996!  Married on 2 August 1996 and again in our church on 1 September 1996 – The 3-2-1 Courtship!  We retired in March/April 1999 and have not been apart since.  Lots of good memories and lots of sad memories, but through them all we are still together!!!

I have had a great Halloween Birthday this year!  To add to the “happy”, we are leaving for a 2 week trip to Sierra Vista, Arizona soon.  We have not been there since we sold our RV in 2016.   This time it is “hotel” time!  We are both anxious to get back to Arizona and visit our friends and play Touristo in Tombstone, Bisbee, Tucson, and of course all the quilt stores that I used to frequent in the area!

Have a great day!


19 Replies to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Hi Nanette! Happy Happy Birthday to you!! I just celebrated yesterday myself. I love reading about all of your blessings, especially how you and Clay grew up so close yet not quite there. Indeed, God definitely had a plan for the two of you. {{Hugs}} That just makes my day. I hope you have fun in Arizona. I know several quilters who will be in the state at the same time – not necessarily where you will be, but it seems to me the whole state just better be ready. Lots of quilters heading that way – be ware! HAHA! May the year ahead hold many blessings and safe travels for you. ~smile~ Roseanne


      1. Well, that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I wonder if they ever move it? In theory, they could . . . but no, I guess not with electricity hookup, etc. Very cool! ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. You’re going to have a wonderful time in Arizona. You are doing so well with your weight loss, you can walk more there as you visit all the quilt stores! Blessings on your birthday!


    1. Thank you Gretchen we are so ready for a trip away from work and the same thing everyday! Now I really need to work on the next 10 pounds! Probably go more slowly but hoping not!
      Thank you for the Birthday Blessings! Hugs


    1. Thank you Laura! We loved Sierra Vista – I miss the 36 foot 5th wheel – it was a home away from home! Just the exact amount of room to sew in and Clay had his Ham Radio Station!
      He modified the entire trailer which we both loved! 3 slides and so much room. Negative side – getting it packed for the trip and then getting it unpacked when home! We used to go there from 2 to 4 months during the winter!

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  3. I think the “Remember Me” pincushion is wonderful! Good fabric choices and of course the saying makes it special.


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