HQAL and Slow Stitching Sunday!

A Happy Sunday and pre Halloween to all!  I was born two minutes to midnight on Halloween so everyone celebrates my birthday!  When I was younger and the weather pattern was different, I always knew what my birthday present would be – a new winter coat!  In South Texas our weather pattern used to provide a wonderful cool front on my Birthday and I loved the break in the warm South Texas summers.  SO this year I am getting a great present from Mother Nature – a Cold Front – YEA!  Looking forward to it!

I have been working on the corners for Brinton Hall.  When I last worked on it (think in 2016) this is where I left the center medallion.  There are 4 hexagon sections that I am currently working on to complete the Medallion.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that I have already completed the top and bottom middle portions.  After looking at it I see that on the Upper Top Left area are missing a couple of hexagons.  These will be added later.

This is the lower right section.  I have 2 rows sewn together and will finish the other 3 this afternoon.

This is the Upper Left Section that I will also be working on this afternoon.

How did we ever do without our cameras in our phone?  I took pictures when I started this quilt, and when I prepared all the Hexagons I put it on the design board and took pictures of each section and labeled each row and Section in separate baggies.  I was so glad that I took the time to be organized on this part of the quilt because it has made it so much easier to come back to the project without a lot of issues to work out.  Of course the quilter made a boo boo on the first Section and had to tear those tiny tiny stitches out and redo.  But it is still going to be a fun quilt to make!

I have been working on Block 8 of A Bountiful LIfe.  It is coming along, but not fast enough for me!  I need to really start scheduling my time better.

I finished Block 7 last week.

I have finished preparing all the hexagon flowers for Mountmellick and have 5 blue flowers completed, but they are so small (1/2” hexagons) I had to take a break from them!

I am doing very well on my food list!  By eliminating all chocolate and potato chips and any other carbs a lot of the diabetic symptoms have gone away – profuse sweating and restless sleep are no more!  Although I have found that I still have to have a potato each morning, or I have issues with potassium!  I was losing energy and brain power this week and finally figured it out!  I am much better now and will leave the potato in my diet eating it at breakfast only!  My walking is back on track and the walk is so much more enjoyable with the cooler weather!  I have lost almost 10 pounds since 4 October.  I think the last 10 will take another month to lose.  I wanted to be at a certain weight by Halloween, but may miss it by 2 or 3 pounds!  We will see!

Have a wonderful week and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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32 Replies to “HQAL and Slow Stitching Sunday!”

  1. Looks like your doing everything right. Your blocks look amazing, all your projects look amazing and your health and diet issues sound perfectly on track, kudos to you on the awesome job your doing…I know you’ll reach all of your goals – can’t wait for the next HQAL update! Sharon


  2. Wow, all those hexies would be so confusing had you not labeled way back when! You have made great progress on three different quilts this round, and still going strong, and losing weight, walking and fixing your diet….that is a big list of accomplishments stacked up! I can’t choose a favorite here, these all captivate me in different ways. 😍


  3. I like the hexies. They would be a nice sit down sewing project to do when I need to be away from the machine. Your choice of colors are amazing. I like them all. What diet are you on that makes you feel so much better? Nancy


    1. I enjoy the larger hexagons, those 1/2″ puppies are hard to work with especially with the dark blue! Headache time – LOL. It is a nice break – as soon as I finish the medallion it will be piecing for the rest of the quilt!

      They told me I was diabetic on the 3rd of Oct, now they say I was in the ‘range’ – whatever. I am following more of the Atkins diet very little carbs and lots of protein (low fat) I eat 4 eggs each day for breakfast (no cholesterol problems). I am on a limited list of foods – eggs, chicken, and potato. BUT no more than 15 carbs each meal (i only eat 2 meals) and I snack on cashews so I eat under 30 g of carbs a day. No sugar and limited salt. Cannot do wheat (Celiac), corn, dairy, preservatives, or condiments. In other words – where is the paper! LOL I was counting sugars, but not carbs and that packed some 20 unwanted pounds on me! I was doing it wrong! I will not have to take diabetic medicine because it is under control and it will be more under control by the time I have my A1C level checked. I have been a walker for over 40 years.

      Thank you for commenting.


  4. I like the hexies. They would be a nice sit down sewing project to do when I need to be away from the machine. Your choice of colors are amazing. I like them all. What diet are you on that makes you feel so much better? Nancy I am not anonymous Ha.


    1. I answered Anonymous – Then I read your 2nd post! Wonder how that happens. There is a slight chance we might just make a trip to Sierra Vista – will keep you informed. Take care and keep in touch! Hugs


  5. What size are your Brinton Hall hexis? I think I did mine 1/2″ and you belabored the Mountmellick hexis at 1/2″…. I like 1/2″ hexis…..


    1. I would like them fine if my hands were smaller. I am 5’8” and what is funny I have small wrist but large hands and long fingers. Great for the piano ….. thanks for commenting. Have a great week.


  6. Love the sight of all those hexagons. Happy Birthday to you. So sorry that it will be chilly for you. Now if you were born down here, the Spring sunshine would sing you a warm birthday greeting.


    1. Oh I was born in San Antonio. I just love cold weather. When I lived in Northern Virginia for 3 years. I was happy with the weather. Snow Storms, Ice , and a blizzard in 1996! We have had such horrible summers for the last 10 years. 100’s straight this summer.


  7. Projects are looking great but, even better, you are doing so well! I don’t ever want to give up chocolate…I’ll keep my extra pounds, I guess. Ha, ha!


  8. Hi Nanette! Your projects are fabulous, but second fiddle to your excellent news. I am so happy to hear you are doing well on the diet, and will need to meds. {{Hugs}} You are an inspiration to all on how to take bad news and turn it around on itself. Good for you! ~smile~ Roseanne


  9. I think Brinton Hall is so beautiful, I love those center framed flowers. You have great willpower and you’ll loose those pounds. I’m glad you won’t need medication. Happy stitching!


  10. Your quilting projects are lovely. Oh dear your variety of foods that you are able to eat without having issues is so limited. I also have to limit my carbohydrate intake due to a medical condition and limit fats due to no gallbladder but I can eat many vegetables and some fruits. I do enjoy salads and small amounts of nuts to get that crunch. Chicken is my friend as is ground turkey and beans not a lot but in soup makes for a full tummy .
    I do eat wrong in that I eat small amounts from morning until dinner
    My dinner is with my husband so it is my main meal we do have early dinner so I guess it could be worse.


    1. You know they say small meals (I call the snacks) during the day is better. I do not have a gallbladder either, so I think all these stupid things get worse as we age! Darn! Thank you for the nice comments on my projects. Take care and have a great week


    1. Thank you Karrin! Diet is going to be pretty permanent, but I want to focus on the next 10 and then I can breathe easier! Get that A1C down to 5.7 and I will be in good shape! Have a great week.


  11. Such a lot in this post! Happy birthday–and congrats on your good health news. That should ensure you see many more birthdays! And i don’t know how you keep track of all those little pieces for all those different projects but they do look great!


    1. Thank you Kerry! Little sticky labels are what I use and little plastic bags. Anxious to finish all this hand work because both quilts will then go into pieced blocks (Whew!) Probably would be better if the hands worked better! Have a great week.


  12. Happy Birthday! How fun that everyone dresses up to celebrate you! Your hand sewing is lovely. And the batiks are so lively in your top quilt. I don’t recall seeing a pattern before with the large center block surrounded by hexies.


    1. Thank you Thank you! I love celebrating all birthdays and those of my friends. The pattern for Brinton Hall was in issues 107 and 108 in Quiltmania Magazine! It is a reproduction quilt but I wanted to use my Asian prints. Have a great week and thank you for commenting.


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