RSC 2018 Setting (First Cut)

Well, I did get the blocks on the design wall and here is my first cut at setting it on point.  I have 5 blocks left over, but they are ones that were not my favorites.  Trying to decide on sashings.  Always good to get a start on what looks good together.  This is more of a planned scrappy.  Of course I did not plan anything on this top – just made 3 each 10” blocks each month!  So neat to have a quilt made without stress!

I and done for the day!  Great time in the Studio.  Now to get this top and York Lodge borders on and my room will be in order again……


24 Replies to “RSC 2018 Setting (First Cut)”

    1. I cannot believe I actually kept up with it and almost finished with it!
      I changed the September pattern.
      There were 5 blocks that I will not use. There was one month I did not like so there were 3 then I did not want another pinky one and a blue I made did not fit. So that was easy choice

      Hugs 🤗


    1. Clay and I are so spoiled. We have an 800 sq ft Studio with 4 rooms – each has 2 rooms, but my room is larger than his 2nd. This is where we spend our days working on our hobbies. We built the first two rooms and in 2009 we had 2 more framed and then we finished them. The design wall is great.


    1. Well, I made a decision to not have any sashing. I have them sewn together this morning and now on to figuring the setting triangles! This was a lot easier to put together than York Lodge! LOL Thank you for the lovely comments.


  1. I do like the arrangement of blocks. I do like the sets of three across the center. This will be a nice quilt. Lovely work Nanette.


    1. Thank you Ms Jaydee! I will pick out a BOM next year that I can work on that is not difficult and at the end of the year I will have a quilt. I am happy with how it turned out because it was not planned. Just made the blocks each month using the suggested colors! Have a great day – nice and cool here and I loved my walk! Hugs


  2. Looks really great! On-point instructions are coming Saturday if you want to wait for the bonus block and all the measurements. I love how you kept some of the same blocks together across the quilt.


    1. Thank you Mari. I am going to go with this setting. I only used 25 of the blocks – the others will be gifted. I just wanted to finish the project – I really enjoyed RSC this year with pattern suggestions.


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