Progress on York Lodge

I am sure that everyone is going to be happy when I finish this lovely intense project that I decided to take on in late June!  I do know one thing, I am now enjoying (slowly) completing a border around each block in order for the stars to float and provide a professional quilter to have fabric to play with!

So here is where I am now! I wanted the Stars to float and did not want to do a sashing.  So here is what the quilt will look like.  Unless I make the blocks smaller, they will finish at 14 1/2”  This is not the final placement of the blocks.  I am putting them on the design wall as I finish them.

By adding the borders, the blocks measure 16 inches and then I am trimming them down to 15”.  The border on each block differs from the original quilt, but I like the idea I came up with.

Our weather is like a Sauna today – rain for the next 2 or 3 days!  No complaints here.

I am so behind on RSC blocks 8 and 9.  I do hope I can finish them by next Friday so I can do a post on them and be ready for Block 10 (October).  I am going not going to use the pattern for September as it is not appealing to me.  I will come up with something – HEY how about a Lone Star Block (UGH).  Just kidding!

I am going to work on quilting my Indian Summer

And, if I am in the applique mood, A Bountiful Life. I have 4 blocks that have been waiting quite awhile for some one to applique them!  LOL  Once I finish them I will 10 blocks completed!  Then only 10 more to go!  Hum!

Have a wonderful week-end and enjoy stitching!


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    1. Thank you Gretchen – Clay reminded me last night that in the last month of this lovely challenge I kept saying I was going to sell everything and do something else! LOL – Glad he just laughs at me when I get so frusted!


  1. I love your idea for floating the York Lodge blocks. It is a perfect thing to do. It will make a great canvas for quilting.
    I enjoy your blog and hearing about your thought process. I admire your perseverance and willingness to contribute to the garbage when necessary. It is refreshing to hear that I am not only anal quilter out there.
    And I like hearing about your Tx weather. We have had a few days like yours here in northern Wisconsin which is enough for me. We may get a frost tonight. Plants are covered in hopes we get an Indian Summer. We will escape to AZ by the end of November.
    Keep up the great work!👏👏👏😃
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    1. Thank you for the lovely comments and cudo’s. I will be nice to have all block ready to put together. Then the fun starts – the color arrangement!
      Texas weather! This has been one of the hot/humid summer (4 months of it) We used to have 4 Seasons when I was younger. After the 1986 snow and the 1988 floods, our weather has changed. I have a picture of me and my Mother in deep snow in 1948 in San Antonio! 1986 brought 16 inches – none to speak of since then. Let’s see, maybe this year we will start back to the old weather pattern.

      Where in AZ do you go? We went to Sierra Vista and Tucson for 17 years during October thru February and I miss it. We got out of the RV thing and now take trips (not enough) in the Navigator and visit hotels! Not as nice as having one’s own bed/kitchen!
      Thx for your comments!


  2. I love how you are floating those blocks, and am so happy to see your hand quilting project back in the line up, too! That Bountiful Life is a little too scary for me, but it is gorgeous!


  3. You take on challenging projects! That Bountiful Life quilt is gorgeous but I would never have the nerve to tackle it! And I agree with the others–using the border to make the stars float is an excellent choice!


  4. It was good for me to do this one – back to focusing! LOL. I am hoping I will be able to find a very good professional long arm quilter. I have a long arm, but never have wanted to do it for the public and if I have an exceptional quilt to show I send it out.

    thx for commenting.


  5. York lodge is gorgeous and I wouldn’t have considered any other way to piece this together than what your doing-perfect. I love Indian Summer. A Bountiful Life is way above my pay grade lol, I know you will do her proud! Excited for you to get started with her ~ Sharon


  6. I was wondering how you were doing on York Lodge. My favorite of the blocks you have on the design wall is the one in gold on the lower left. The background plays so well on the block. Reminds me of fall.


  7. Thank you Karen – I had to turn off the computer, life as much as I could, to finish this. I should have had it done in 6 weeks, but there were too many interruptions. It is a quilt that one must pay attention to each and every step or the block will hit the trash can in the end. Average of 5 hour or so for each of the 30 blocks not counting the time of the ones that were rejected!!!!

    I will now relax more and do updates more often! Your projects are really looking great! Like the new bed and Stonefields!


  8. Hi Nanette! I love the idea you chose for the floating blocks – it seems like the perfect addition to those perfectly lovely stars. We have had a huge change in our weather – it went from 90 and dew points of 74 to 60s with a 44 dew point. Almost chilly but not one single person is complaining about it! ~smile~ Roseanne


  9. Your York Lodge blocks look with that extra “breathing room” around each one. Have you considered staggering the rows a little bit rather than keeping rows and columns perfectly straight? That would add to the “floating” feeling you mentioned that you wanted for this quilt. It’s going to be gorgeous no matter what you do with it at this point. 🙂


    1. The way I am setting the blocks it would not be doable to set them that way! Now I am thinking that when all put together the quilt will need a 4” border for the long arm quilter! Time will tell!


  10. So many beautiful pretties to be seen here. Those floating blocks of yours are lovely…so much clever piecing but oh your Bountiful blocks…..exquisite. I must say you are an amazing quilter!


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