I am a Permanent Resident at York Lodge

Again – welcome to the new Desert of the South!  We are working on records of heat – There have been over 7 days straight of 101 + with horrible heat indexes!  But they say…. yup ‘Fall is around the Corner’.  We will see!

Things have been rather hectic here for the last week and it threw me off my Compulsive (OCD) behavior in making York Lodge blocks!  Living in the country really has advantages and disadvantages!  Mostly inconvenience with Internet and Phones.  We both got the brilliant  idea to increase our cell support and discontinue the land line.  That was the week that was.  Clay climbed his 60 foot tower 7 times trying to get the “top of the line” Cell phone booster mounted and trying to get a steady system.  Friday that system was in the mail at UPS as a ‘return – did not work’ item.  We are now waiting for another system that will not be as complex and will work (we tried it first thinking the more expensive would be better)!   I am glad that experience is over with and he said that he feels he will not have to climb the tower anymore – I hope not – he is 74!  But a very sure-footed 74 and I have faith that he will be fine if he does climb it again!

Now on to my ‘poor me’ story and status on York Lodge.  One day last week for some reason I realized that I had renamed York Lodge to Yoder Lodge – I do believe that was due to the stress of making these puppies!  (Is that a good excuse?)  I went back and made corrections and was lucky no one picked up on my renaming the quilt!  LOL!

Here are a few stats.  I started this learning project in late June.  It has been quite a learning experience!  This is not a quilt for the faint of heart!  I would have put it aside, but my goal for this year is to clear out the UFO’s from the past 2 years!  My friend Gretchen is way ahead of me on doing that! Hat’s off to her!

Back to York Lodge!  I had finished 10 blocks and really thought I was on a roll to finish in July only to find out that I had 8 of the 10 that were delivered to the trash!  Too many issues.  I bit the bullet and started over again.  I prepared 5 blocks and figured I could catch up – no problem.  Well, there were problems with them also!  Two were made and in the trash and then I started checking my work and realized the other 3 would have not made the cut either – more trash.  Two more in the last 2 days have bitten the dust – So in total I have made a total of 28 and only 18 have survived.  There are a total of 30 for the quilt!  I am down to 12 now to complete the project!

I have not used that much fabric, but am on my 3 spool of 1,422 yards of thread, and at least 350 hours of work.  Will I ever sell this quilt – NO – but I will show it next year and have it appraised.

There is a strict process that has to be followed and accomplished for each block and one screw up and it will be toast.  Interruptions (like this past week) tend to make it more difficult to focus on the project.  Number 18 block was made perfect!  Yesterday’s work did not yield a block – but I have high hopes today.  I have made the same lime green block 3 times and each one went in the trash.  I am beginning to think that this color will not make it in the quilt!  We shall see.

Here are my accomplishments as of today!  Hoping to get at least 2 done today – but I have set that goal so many times (to make 2 a day) that I wonder if it is possible!

It is time now to head out to the sauna and do a 30 minute mental relief walk!  Maybe today will be a great day for York Lodge as I am ready to check out of this facility and get on with another piecing project that has been sitting!

Have a great day!


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31 Replies to “I am a Permanent Resident at York Lodge”

  1. I just finish a quilt that got renamed “Nancy’s Grief Quilt” I was determine to get it done. My long arm quilter said she thought about going over peaks and valleys when quilting it. We had a good laugh. Thank God for her. I like your colors. Maybe some could have been put into a scrap quilt. Nancy


    1. This one is a challenge! You need to send me a picture of the Grief Quilt! LOL It can take up to 4 or 5 hours to prepare, etc and make a block. I was too angry to even look at them anymore – I did try to keep them but decided that ‘out of sight out of mind’ would be better! Have a great day!


  2. I believe your photo is illustrating persistence in the dictionary, Nanette! The 18 blocks on the wall are just spectacular, so wishing you no interruptions today, and two perfect blocks! We finished screwing on roof panels at 5:30 on Friday! It was an exhausting two weeks, so thankful for our worship pastor’s help over three of the heavy lifting days. He really helped us get ahead of the rain. I am hoping to actually sew a seam of some sort this week!!!! York or Yoder, this is such a beautiful quilt. 👏


    1. Oh Kathy – I bet you are exhausted! I cannot do the things I love like working with Clay outside but better to quilt than have another back surgery! I love your garden and am betting you guys are really enjoying the fruits of your labor! Thank you for the compliment! I will let you know the address of the Rehabilitation Center for OCD persons as soon as I finish the quilt! LOL

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      1. 😂😂 I am feeling fairly well recovered today! My lower back is still sore if I sit poorly, and my hands are still very tired from holding the heavy tools, but I came out pretty well. My biggest complaint is the waspy thing that stung me Friday morning. I spent 45 minutes at Urgent Care waiting to see if I reacted, and PTL I did not, so I am not allergic as we have assumed for 50 years. It still itches like the devil, and have a hard lump on my arm, but that’s small compared to what it could have been!
        I finished my latest dish towel, and knit a few rows last night, so I’m regaining my creative energy. 😄🎉


        1. I imagine your back is very upset with you! What you did was very hard work – I have done it before (before 73) We keep cans of wasp spray by the doors! I am glad you are not allergic.
          I was told to mix a potus of baking soda and water and another one is meat tenderizer – takes the stinger/sting out. Scares me if one of those bugs gets me – did about 10 years ago on my ear when I was walking. We have scorpions too I am very very careful when I am outside or going in the barn to feed the deer!

          Take care, and rest! I finished a dish cloth last week – took me 4 evenings (not a lot of time) and I have now mastered the basketweave pattern that drove me nuts! Heck – I even corrected 2 stitches 6 rows down from where I was….
          Well back to York Lodge – things are looking up 11 more to go and the process is working better with a few more checks and balances on things.


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    1. Thank you Kathy! I do not see how you an have so many projects going – but you always tend to land on your feet and finish them. I joined one of the SAL that you are doing, but just saving the downloads now. Have a great Sunday


    1. Sharon thank you, you can bet the next piecing project will be a little easier! (I think) I am thinking about a Feathered Star or a Borgello and I know both are difficult! Have a great Sunday I am off to be a little more OCD!


  3. I am trying to save the scraps for Lori – I am sure she can us them! This quilt is mostly a fat quarter project. If someone does it perfect (I want to meet them) it would take about 30 fat quarters and a little more for the lights! It is just the labor and the time it takes to make a block! But I probably have used a little more! LOL


  4. No offense, but I am sure glad that I am not an OCD member! On the other hand, a little of your influence wouldn’t hurt me, either. Ha, ha!

    I understand your frustrations over internet service. I live a rural life myself…no land line, and not totally reliable cell/internet service. I look at it as a trade off, and I choose to live here. However, due to 3 years of fire seasons (instead of summer), the powers that be are looking at ways to improve service, since so many of us are now relying on it for emergency services. For instance…our evacuation notices come to our cell phones, and most of emergency information can be found on facebook. In this age of technology, reliable cell/internet is an absolute!


    1. Oh that is good they are trying to get you better coverage! I would not move to the city for anything! I have lived in the country since 1980 (exceptions 1992-1996) and I love it. I was raised in the city, but love being on land and not close to neighbors!

      Take care with that smoke! I think OCD comes with being a Type A and Perfectionists! Both Clay and I are the same, but blend great together because he has a bigger heart than I – LOL

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  5. Oh my you have had a hectic week for sure. I hope things work with your internet service. York Lodge looks challenging, but it sounds like you are determined to get thru it! Good for you!


    1. YL is one of the most difficult I have ever made! First time in dealing with diamonds and bias and critical steps! I wanted a challenge but never thought it would be this much of one! Joke on me! LOL


  6. Oh Nanette, I feel for you! I made a quilt not too long ago that had friendship stars in a circle on each block. And, on each block I had to take apart at least one row of pieces, sometimes more, because I put the points in backwards. I think I would have given up on your pattern by this point. Brava to you for persisting!


    1. Thank you Joan. I keep hoping that I will get the remainder done with ease, but each block can take up to 4 hours – Now that is if all points are perfect and I have not made a stupid error in my process! LOL!


  7. Myself I would have given up. Good for you to keep on plugging away at making the blocks even though some have gone in the trash.


  8. Wow, what a saga! I wish you had sent all the bad blacks to me for American hero quilts. =) They don’t need to be perfect! That is going to be so beautiful, and you are 2/3 of the way there! Will you hand quilt it next?


  9. I put the in the trash, then put them in my UFO drawer, then I decided I just did not want to see any reminders of all the ones that did not work. This was taken on as a technique challenge and it has been a great lesson. I plan on showing it next year and that is why things must be very accurate. No hand quilting – they are all batiks. I have hand quilted one batik quilt and no more! LOL. Have a great day!


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