A few Cudo’s to my Blogger Buddies!

A short post to give a shout out to Lori who is a neat Lady and Blogger.  She can take a bad situation and find some humor in it all the time!  Her posts are funny and express things we all feel at times!  The other day she sent me a surprise package with some goodies and the nicest (very large) pin cushion!  It is just what I need to hold my long pins when I load quilts on my long arm!  What a great gift!  She is a ‘Good Hearted Woman‘ as Willie’s song goes!  So thank you Lori for the gift – so nice to have a Blogger friend!  Thank you Lori!


Another thank you to Susan who showcased my post on Yoder Lodge the other day!  So sweet of her to do that as this is one of the most trying and difficult quilts I have ever made.  Susan has some very neat patterns that she has designed and she just finished one that is so neat!  I enjoy watching her creative in designing quilts.  Keep up the good work Susan!

I would also like to direct you to Gretchen who has inspired me to stop making new projects and finish up my UFO’s in 2018.  I did start Yoder because I only had applique projects to work on and wanted to work on a pieced project during the day!  Gretchen has finished up some beautiful quilts so far this year and has even beat her own schedule!  If you have time, check out her Sweet Surrender, Nearly Insane, and Pastor’s Attic.  Absolutely beautiful work!  Gretchen hand quilts a lot of her quilts, to perfection!

Now to moving out of the York Lodge.  Have you ever ‘hit the wall’ when working on an intense project?  Sometimes I feel that we need to run into that wall and then get up the next day and go forward.  Yesterday was that day for me!  BUT, this morning I am ready to get going again.  I was having some more issues when I finally figured out why I was having issues again!  It was a DUH time!  Using a ‘scant’ versus a full ‘1/4″‘ seam allowance when sewing the strip sets together! No wonder things were not coming out at 1″ finished!!  I continue to ask myself why have I had such a problem with things with this quilt!  It is not hard to answer that – NEW GLASSES!  I knew that I was having issues the last 3 months, but kept on going.  The new lens will be here next week, until then I will have to really double-check my work! – I will continue to stay at the Yoder Lodge, but I really want to rename this quilt!

Have a great day and thank you again Lori for thinking of me and you too Susan – so nice to have quilting friends!

11 Replies to “A few Cudo’s to my Blogger Buddies!”

  1. Hi Nanette! How sweet is that of Lori?! I hope you put it to good use and give it a good home – I know you will. I can understand the frustration of Yoder Lodge – your blocks are beautiful. It is not a project I would tackle . . . I give you huge kudos for that. It will get finished in good time. {{Hugs}} Happy Friday! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. You are correct! Today I am taking the day as it comes and it appears I needed to clean up emails and etc on the computer. I am going to finish the one that sent me off the Reservation and that is the only goal for the YL! LOL

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  2. It’s amazing how just a few threads difference in a seam allowance makes all the difference. Glad that you found the problem. And thanks for the shout out – I do have fun creating!


    1. I tell you Susan I know better…………But this has been a great learning experience working with strip piecing, 45 degree angles, and make lone star blocks and the diamonds! Talk about “no mistakes allowed”. Hey I may name my quilt that! Hummm


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