The Long Awaited Nesting

Good Afternoon from “no rain event” LV. SA may be getting rain but not here!

I have finally finished the blocks for Nesting!!! SHOCK!

Next step is to add the border and that means more applique. This will be the first time I will be doing an appliqued Border.  So tomorrow I will read the directions, cut the border strips and then prepare the applique and stems.

Have a great day. This is Day 1 delay on roof project due to RAIN?

10 Replies to “The Long Awaited Nesting”

  1. Since I no longer set goals, I am finishing things! Too funny!!!! Thank you Laura, the border will make the quilt. Tomorrow I will either work on the border or switch to the first Star Block! Nice to not get burnout. Have a great week. I really do not remember when I started the quilt, but I know the last 2 blocks took a year (OK don’t count the no-hands time). LOL


  2. I like quilt blocks with a bird or two. My daughter would like the cardinal block. She collects cardinal items. We are originally from Ohio and it is the state bird.


  3. This is looking splendid! Your no goal philosophy is working exceptionally well for you I think. Hurrah! I have to change up my “system” periodically or I get too caught up in checking it off the list. Right now I am just floating along….four days in bed will do that I guess.


      1. I had a sore throat last Thursday, and Fri – Monday I was pretty much in bed or lying on the couch (because I wouldn’t admit I should go to bed). Nothing serious, just allergies that get out of control and can become sinus infections and then respiratory. I just have to keep working my plan cause it’s all viral. The fever part is over, so just gotta keep things draining. I did sew a few seams here in there since any seam is progress, but not much. I only have 7 lessons today, nicely spread out with time to catch a nap or lay back for a bit in Between, so I’ll get through. I was due, it’s been at least two years since I’ve down in bed, so I really am blessed!


        1. So sorry to hear that you were sick! Bummer – I am working on those remaining hexagons (covering the paper pieces) while watching my favorite – The IG Hearings. I can see that the same ole’ same ole’ is still going on within the government – no change since I have retired in 1999! They will never clean out the Swamp! And it is always in the SES level, or the ones that are the bosses! UGH The hard working individuals in any govt organization do not have a chance!

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