HQAL, Hearts, and No More Goals

Good morning all from lovely 100+ South Texas for the last 14 days!  I am just loving the fact that when I go outside (even at 6:30 AM) to walk I may as well take a hose and wet myself down after that walk!  I guess we are in for 3 or 4 months of this, unless the weather pattern is so messed up that it will be cool in August – What a dreamer I am!

I have tried the last 2 years to make monthly or annual goals in order to catch up on my UFO’s from the last 3 years.  This is just not working for me.  I find that I spend more time doing posts, keeping track, feeling like I am still working, etc.  I do enjoy posting when I have something to show.  Pre-2014 I always started one project and then on to another one, but somehow I have become distracted.  Now there are reasons for the last year, but that year is over with now and I must start to enjoy my passion, or I will give it up.

Deb started a Heart SAL for May and I enjoyed it for 2 weeks, then it became a “have to”, and I could see that it would be the last time I would commit to something like this.  Another thing that made me realize that sometimes, life gets in the way, and days that are planned are just not turning out that way and I do not like to feel guilty if I have not accomplished the plan!!!

For the next 6 months I will continue to Blog but only when I have either finished a project, or achieved something to a point where there is value there.  I love the linky sites where we all are able to link up and have other quilters see our work.  This is the fun part!  But again, I am beginning to see that the Blogging is really eating up my time where I could be quilting.  I will keep up with HQAL because I do a lot of needle turn applique, but Lordy I MUST quit downloading and downloading BOMs and BOWs that I will never ever make!  I also enjoy RSC Challenges so I will continue on with that monthly project.  It is so tempting to do this when we see a project like that available for free!  I have some wonderful patterns that are complex in nature and if I want to make these quilts I cannot keep switching back and forth to different quilt projects.  I like to reserve my evenings for hand work and day time for piecing!

I love reading the progress that others are making and like to comment it is a way for me to keep abreast of what is going on in the quilting world.  The last 2 weeks has taken up my quilting time in obtaining estimates for new roof’s for our Studio and House, and that kept me from even thinking about sewing, hand applique, or hand quilting!  It was during this time that emails backed up that I decided I just had to skip this last week and not take the time to read them all!  I found I was feeling guilty because I did not leave a comment.  Comments of compliments and encouragement are so wonderful to receive from our peers.  Friday morning we finally found a wonderful contractor and negotiated a good price for the Standing Seam roofs.  This took a tremendous load off our shoulders.  We are excited to have this change accomplished and all in all it has helped me to realize that I can manage my time better than I have in the last couple of years!

I did achieve some accomplishments in May, small, but significant considering what has been going on!  I am still working on the 1/2″ Hexagon flowers for Mountmellick and it would be great if I can finish this last border by the end of June, or before.   Right now I am working on 9 patches so I can complete my May Heart quilt.  I already know how I will do the borders and I believe that this quilt will be a special one for me!  It was an awakening!  Hey – maybe I will call the quilt Awakening Hearts!!!!  Thank you Deb for starting this daily dose of applique!

Here are my 31 completed Hearts.  I am almost through with the 9 patches and will, of course, do a Post when I have them altogether!

I purchased the fabric for $5.00 at the Dallas Show in 2017.  They were samples of a collection by Moda that were selling for $1.00 each.  I have enough left over to do a border.  Cheapest quilt I have ever made!  The background fabric is Antique Muslin.  Here is a sample picture of how the quilt top will look once I have finished the 9 patches!  I had to cut 270 each 2 1/8″ squares for them and some had to be fussy cut.  I am really enjoying putting this quilt together!  That is what quilting is all about!

I still have to complete Mountmellick, A Bountiful Life, Nesting, (Applique); Indian Summer (hand quilting), Stonefields (applique and pieced), Brinton Hall (EPP and piecing)  and 5 quilts to load on the long arm and quilt!  Plenty to keep me busy.  The long arm is gathering too much dust! This is why I need to make hay while the sun shines and manage my time better!  Maybe my creativity will come back!

Have a wonderful week-end and see you later down the road as I complete some of my UFO’s.

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32 Replies to “HQAL, Hearts, and No More Goals”

  1. Do whatever you need to, to keep your creativity alive and passionate and fun for yourself. Life has enough challenges without taking away the joy of the things (or the people) that we love.


  2. I think it was Stonefields that led me to you. I have the patterns in my to do tote. I know what you mean about getting distracted with the current and often free stitch alongs. You have had a lot on your plate and it is very important your stitching time be optimized with what you absolutely love to do. Take all the time for you that you need. I will look forward to your finishes.


    1. Thank you Jocelyn! Up until the daily Heart did I realize that I do not need to track, just do! I will still post when I feel that I have accomplished something! I love sharing! Have a great day! Hugs


  3. I only belong to one quilting blog – the hand quilt along and its about all I can keep up with. (Ok I have 2 genealogy blogs too) I’ll be looking forward to when you do post ~ I am a fan of your work!


    1. Thank you so much! It is easier I guess to get into the social media craze and then drown in it! I think I started a Facebook page on my quilts and soon got out of there!


  4. Nanette, when ever you post you will be a source of inspiration to all of us! I am thrilled you will use the HQAL as a way to post progress on these very epic hand work projects; I hope it continues to be a source of inspiration and encouragement to you! Hurrah that the worst part of the roof drama is past, when is the big day/week?


    1. Thank you Kathy! Your HQAL inspires me to keep up the hand quilting!!! I will find out the start date tomorrow. I am hoping for the 18th, but could be the 11. I know the first 3 days will be noisey with all the removal of the existing roof! Hummmm think I will remove the hearing aids! LOL! The Standing Seam metal roofs are very expensive, but better we spend the $$$ on us than leave it to others! Hugs have a great afternoon. Thx for encouragement.

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  5. So glad you joined the heart challenge. It was my goal to get back to doing 15 minutes of hand work a day…. and get me back to ‘relaxing’ time. Glad the process of making the quilt helped you to make some decisions that will hopefully make your hobby fun again! I look forward to your posts… whenever they happen. Must go make sure you are on my reading links =). Stay cool – the humidity and temps are just crazy again this summer.


    1. Thank you Deb – I enjoyed it so much! Yes the weather is horrible here! Never see 2 weeks of 100 or near 100 in May! YUK! Bet we get another Hurricane! This would be horrible for Rockport and Port Aransas, Texas!


  6. I quilt Facebook for the similar reason…too much time online looking at what ever one else was creating and not enough time in my own Studio. I like your heart project and do look forward to when you post a completion photo.


    1. I am now trying to place the 9 patches and hearts …. This will take some time! I tend to look at the fabric pattern and not color. NOW if I can get over that I might get the setting like I like it. Thx for commenting Suzanne! Have a great day!


    1. Thank you Sherrie. I think we all look at the nice freebies and want to participate and download. I bet I would really save some serious hard drive space if I deleted all the ones I will never do! LOL Have a great day.


  7. Pretty Hearts! I love the combination of hearts and those patches.

    I am working on a hexagon flower currently – they seem to never end… but it is always fun to make them!


  8. Hi Nanette,
    Quilting is all about f.u.n. in my book or it is w.o.r.k. Blogging should be the same. No one is going to live or die over a blog. Take a break, have fun, share when you want and don’t worry. I will miss you but I’ll see your posts when you make them! I still look forward to this little 31-day heart quilt being completed, whenever that is. Let your creativity run free with no guilt. {{Hugs}} Happy Sunday! ~smile~ Roseanne


  9. You do have a lot of complex quilts in the works. Whatever works for you is the way to go. I keep saving free patterns that interest me but find there aren’t very many that I ever actually make.


  10. I have to admit, I did wonder about all the different blogging and quilting challenges you were involved it–how you kept up and whether it was any fun at all! I think you’ve made a wonderful decision for yourself–but I’m glad you’re sticking with the hand quilt-along!


    1. Clay and I each lost our first born sons (2015 and 2017) then last year the hand surgery and flu! I had some of the projects started but last year was the worst for me. So this is going to allow me to get back to where I was in April 2014 before Darryl got cancer. Hugs, I will probably do more post than I realize now that I am not spending the time on the computer. Life is good now.


        1. Yup but we are fine now and have dealt with all the bad things and looking forward. I really did myself a favor to quit trying to reach goals! I will probably get more accomplished! Just finished my hearts!


  11. I love the hearts, and you should always do what works best for you when it comes to quilting. I have found myself doing little or none lately. Not because I did not want to but more of a could not. Can’t feel guilty about that! Same goes for you!. Life gets in the way of a lot of stuff. Glad to hear things are getting on track for you!


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