May 29 Heart

Today was another day to obtain more bids on a new roof for the house and Studio. It swallowed up my day! I did get the heart completed, but no 9 patches. Hopefully the day will be calmer and quieter tomorrow. I looked around in my Studio and I see a “get organized and straighten up” day in my future. It is a mess!

Only 2 more hearts and I will have them completed. It looks like I will not have all the 9 patches completed when I wanted to, but this roof issue will pass and I will get back on track.

Have a wonderful week! I will post my last 2 blocks by Friday and hopefully will have a quilt top layout ready to show!


7 Replies to “May 29 Heart”

  1. Hi Nanette,
    Oooh, I am looking forward to seeing all 31 of your hearts along with the nine-patches. Roofs are much more important than hearts and layouts – we are getting the Alberto fallout today and tomorrow and can appreciate a good roof over my head. Happy Wednesday! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Our roof is not leaking, this is a ‘choice’ (LOL) to correct some things we do not like about the coating – What a choice to spend money!!!!!!!!!! Glad I have enough fabric because I will definite be on a fabric/pattern diet for a few months!

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  2. Those are going to looks so pretty together! No rush on the alternate blocks… it is just for fun!
    Hope the bids come in well for the roof and it get fixed quickly.


    1. No leaking but it is the fact that we would rather do this now. I feel for the workers – it will be hotter than hell doing this. They have to tear the old roof off first! It will be in the 100’s most of the summer.


    1. YUP – We had a nice tin roof in 2000 and had a pin hole leak – went the wrong direction had it sprayed with a bad coating (not aware at the time) then we had another company come out in 2012 and they assured us no issues ….. Well in the last 6 years more bubbles – they come and patch them, but we are sick of seeing the white roof and want a standing seam tin roof. This way we will enjoy it now. Hugs


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