May 28 Hearts and 9 Patches

I have started on the 9 patches for the alternate block for my Hearts SAL

Here is May 28 Heart

I am making the 9 patches from the fabric left over from My Hearts.

This is not the final setting as I have not finished the 9 patches and have 3 more Hearts to complete.

The blocks will be 5″ finished.

Have a great day!

21 thoughts on “May 28 Hearts and 9 Patches

    • OH Chocolate brown might work – it would stop all the flow of the quilt. I usually sew a small plain border to frame my quilts – a brown sounds good and then maybe another border! It will be a surprise to you and me! LOL


  1. Why thank you Becky – it was neat to make a heart a day for 31 days in May and now just doing the 9 patches. How do you like the 100’s for the summer? It is interfering with my walk! But if I go at 6:30 the sun is not sitting on top of me and a little more tolerable. We are into another drought! Have a great week and thank you for your service (hubby also).


  2. I like the soft muted look. I did not know what kind of setting the hearts would go into and now revealed.


    • Moving the blocks around to get the best colorway look will be fun??? LOL. Thank you Karen. I paid all of $5.00 for the fabric! I had the Antique Moda Muslin so used all from fabric stash!


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