Happy Memorial Day – Chasing Hearts and Mountmellick

Hoping all are enjoying celebrating Memorial Day, a day to honor the fallen and brave heroes of our great Military! Thank you also to all the military families who support their families who currently serve and have served our Country in the past.  Thank you for your service!

I thought I had a weird week 2 weeks ago…. This week did not go as I planned either, so now I am 4 days behind in my May goals! If things go quietly the next 5 days maybe I can catch up!

Here are my hearts for 24, 25, 26, and 27 May. There are 4 more hearts left to complete and now I need to work on the alternating blocks! The easy way would be to incorporate a 5″ block of the remaining and matching fabrics, or to do a 9 patch block like Deb has done.

May 24th Heart
May 25th Heart
May 26 Heart
May 27 Heart

Here is a sample on how I will make the alternating 9 patches.  Each heart will have a matching fabric 9 patch.  I thnk this will really make my quilt pop!  No telling what borders will look like!  This is a ‘go as you go along’ quilt!

Now on to progress on Mountmellick.  I still have a lot of EPP to do to finish the flowers and have now changed the border fabric and vine fabric.   I am going to add more of the EPP flowers that are in the Medallion using the same fabric.  Then I will add red and blue flowers and no leaves!  Here is a picture of the border.  There is only one completed flower, the rest are ready to be sewn together.   The vine will be about 1/4” wide!  I applique one side down and then trim and applique the other side down.  No glue, etc!

To give you an idea of what I am working with on the size of the hexagon papers, here is a picture of a completed flower next to a Hershey Kiss!

Nesting is still not complete – darn!  I may be able to do a big push this evening and finish it, but there is some embroidery for both Blocks 3 and 4, so it may be Tuesday…. It depends if I feel like working on Nesting or driving myself nuts with covering 1/2” paper hexagons!

The other day I was thinking about Brinton Hall quilt.  I could not remember where I had put the remaining hexagons to sew to the Medallion – found then yesterday. This may become a June Goal!

We are in the process of getting bids on a new roof so that will mean stay home – no traveling for about 4 months – I do believe I can catch up with some of my projects that have been ignored, as long as there are no more ‘life’s little interruptions’ for me!

Have a great week.  I love weekends and long holiday weekends – the phone does not ring and give me issues to handle!!!


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17 Replies to “Happy Memorial Day – Chasing Hearts and Mountmellick”

    1. Wel will to have them start until August – Right now we are in a drought! Temps going to 104 this week, it is interfering with my walking. Bad ozone levels today! It is just too hot even at 7AM to have a walk without sweating a lot!


  1. I had never done hexies until the Splendid Sampler, and that small dose was great, they are pretty relaxing little guys if you enjoy them. I think your border is coming along very well! I am in the middle of altering a bridesmaid dress. It was put together weird, and I had to do way more ripping to get inside than I expected, and of course the beading was done after the bodice was complete so it was a little dicey until I realized I could match the beading pattern! Bridesmaid came over this afternoon and it was just right, so I quickly closed the bodice before I forgot how to get it back together. I would hate doing this every day!! I hope to do my thing tomorrow!! XXOO


    1. I keep plugging along. No walking today – bad air quality and this week the temps range from 100 to 104 by end of the week – drought again! Wish the weather pattern would settle down.
      I admire you so much for tacking that bridesmaids dress! Hard work!

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  2. Your hearts are so pretty, Nanette! No offense, but I do think you are nuts (and you must have a considerable store of patience somewhere) to make such tiny hexagons!


    1. How about both!!!!! I think this is why I have taken so long to really get started. A 1” is not so bad but these are killers. Thx for cudo’s. Need to get over to your latest post this morning!

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  3. Hi Nanette,
    Oh WOWEE – the nine-patch looks so great with the matching fabrics as the heart. I love this whole idea, and can hardly wait to see what this looks like when you are finished!! So cute. Happy Memorial Day! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thx Rosanne, I think I may be able to get this one ready to go into a flimsy after Thursday! At least I will have finished something! LOL. The 9 patch blocks have to cut 2 1/8” squares because I will only be making one of each fabric so not strip piecing….I think I am a dummy for punishment!!! LOL

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  4. I am a fan of your hearts but the hexies are gorgeous…have never done them. Can I suggest a classic black border, like a simple black frame – for the heart & 9 patch? Ok I just did 🙂 Love your work!


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