Heart for May 23rd

Another heart finished. Almost through with this project. 8 more to go and the project is complete. I am thinking about making some alternate blocks.

Technology is great when you take a picture with your cell phone and write the Post with the WordPress App on the phone!!!

Have a great day!

15 Replies to “Heart for May 23rd”

      1. Oh dear! Our roof is a mess too…long story there. Glad the appts were good, and hope the new hearing aids are amazing. My dad’s ear was injured while in the coast guard, but we didn’t convince him to visit the VA for an assessment until he was 87! They said he should have received a disability payment from age 20, so they fitted him out with Cadillac hearing aids, and now I can talk to him on the phone. There is some amazing technology out there!


        1. The roof is stable, just problems with the coating we had put on the tin in 2000…..I am blessed because insurance is covering a lot and they have a contract with Tru Hearing so I save quite a bit. My first pair cost $6500 – I had to pay $4000,. Now $1800. They pair with my iPhone and am very spoiled now. I can even do a post on the iPhone with the WordPress APP. Never thought I would live long enough to see all this wonderful technology. Except that it has really dumbed down and made the children a lot of problems. They start them too young on technology


  1. Oh I love the blue. You know? A contrasting block – just one – might be nice and provide a fun look. Have the background be colored and the heart be the same fabric as the background of all the other squares. We’re going on vacation and I bet you’ll be done by the time we get back!


  2. Vacation? I want to go on one and get away, but looking like a stay home for a few months – new roof coming…. then house painting….Oh well, it is almost too hot to go anywhere – hot summer this year – hitting 100 in May???? Have a good vacation!


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