A Partial Completion of Dresden Heaven and May Hearts!

It is definitely summer here in South Texas!  It is time for the wet hand towel to be around my neck when I walk my 30 minutes each morning.  Even at 8:00 AM it is close to the high 70’s – more like 80 degrees (at least it feels that way) with humidity in the 90’s.  I do believe that I am over all the nasty side effects of that horrible Testosterone and DHEA that I tried – NEVER AGAIN!  Talk about losing time for quilting….what a trip!!!!!!

This morning I was determined to finish the 16 large Dresden Plates for Dresden Heaven ! I was able to accomplish that goal before my walk!  It is always a good feeling to get to a stopping point on a project (even better when it is completed).    Even though this project now becomes a Fall 2018 (maybe before) UFO I am happy.   Dresden Plates will have to wait its turn before I complete it. There are a total of 105 Mini Dresden’s and 16 9″ Dresden Plates that make up this quilt and they have to be appliqued on a background fabric!  I used the 1930 Reproduction fabrics I had purchased a couple of years ago for Farmers Wife (1930) and did not make that quilt.  Anyone interested in purchasing the 1920 and the 1930 Farmer’s Wife books by Laurie-Aaron-Hird, let me know.  $10.00 plus shipping for each book!!!

Mini Dresdens for Dresden Heaven
9″ Dresden Plates for Dresden Heaven

I have been trying to continue working on Nesting, Mountmellick, and Brinton Hall, (cannot believe that it has not been touched since August 2016!  Then there is A Bountiful Life and Stonefields!  I have had 4 blocks of A Bountiful Life prepared for applique for a year now and it is time to get with the program!

Block 4 of Nesting is going to be completed this week one way or another!  I need to quit playing around with it.   And poor Stonefields – I have only 2 small blocks for Section 5 to finish and I will be ready for Section 6.  I really need a heavy HEAVY dose of focusing and hard work to finish them!

Lest I  forget my Heart SAL.   We are now into day 16 which is half way finished with the project!  I was unable to do a post for a few days so I am catching all up on my progress!  It is a fun project that Deb started!

May 14 Heart
May 15 Heart
May 16 Heart

The only excuse I have in being so far behind on hand work is the 6 months of hand surgeries from May 2017 and then the lovely December Flu – Can I get a pass????  LOL

Have a great day – this has been a very productive day for me!

25 Replies to “A Partial Completion of Dresden Heaven and May Hearts!”

  1. Do you have a plan for spacing out the Dresden blocks on the background? I think I understand that they don’t go on individual blocks.


  2. I vote for the one Dresden a day plan until you are ready to focus on it, unless you have have something else you would rather apply that to! Summer already, WOW! We have just started opening our windows at night, and it is chilly in the morning, but the fresh air is wonderful. We are actually having spring, so I am thrilled. Your week is going very well!😘


    1. I think it will stay in the UFO drawer until later this year, of course before we know it – it will be October! Ouch! We were 80 degrees when we went to bed last night – 10PM! In the low 70’s when I tried to walk – 73 and 90 humidity – NO FUN

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      1. Too many years in the north for me to handle that heat with humidity. When I was a kid in Southern CO, it wasn’t unusual to be in the 90’s and 100’s for most of August, but we had 3% humidity and being a mile high, it was still pretty cool by sunset.


  3. Hi Nanette! Lots of Dresden goodness going on there and I adore seeing your hearts. Stay cool – I can only imagine the humidity. Ugg. ~smile~ Roseanne


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