Mother’s Day and HQAL

Happy Happy Mother’s Day.  I do hope that you are now enjoying time with your children and family!  Such a great day for it.

I give my Mother and my Father credit for who I am!  Both the good and the bad!  Mother for the encouragement and desire to obtain a college degree even if it took me 30 years at night to complete and my Father for the Common Sense and ability to talk to just about anyone that would listen.  Mother was brilliant and an accomplished piano teacher who played the piano and organ for the Methodist Church every Sunday and I was always there with her so she gave me knowledge of God which has sustained me through the years with my good choices and bad choices.  She taught piano lessons for years before starting a 2nd career as a school teacher.  Mother received her degree in the 1930’s along with her Sisters.  I loved her younger sister, Rosabelle, who was my idol and I loved her dearly!  Aunt Rosie was a hard-working woman, farm wife, school teacher, and raised 3 great children.  I miss my Aunt Rosie so very much!

I always teased my Mother that she was a Mid-Western Yankee and of course being a Chopin, my Father was a crazy French Cajun all his life.  Life with these two was a trip.  So I am a mixture of both of them, and therefore you get a woman who is totally outspoken, loves life (at times) and inquisitive on all things!  It was not a Beaver Cleaver household, but evidently I learned a lot – especially how to be an independent woman at a VERY young age!  My parents were good hard-working people as they suffered through the Depression.  Mother was not a “Susie Homemaker”, in fact she was not home much at all! But I am thankful that they gave me a chance for life!  My parents were in their mid and late 30’s when I was born and it makes a difference when your parents are older.  When I was in high school they were close to 50 – hum… no wonder they went to bed so early!

OK – enough of that – Happy Mother’s Day again to all!

Here is what I have been up to this week as far as hand work and some machine piecing!

Large Dresden Plates for Dresden Heaven
My first 12 Hearts for A Heart a Day in May!

And here is my 13th Heart for the month of May.  This small project keeps me on my toes each day.

Check out the other ladies who are participating in the HQAL every 3 weeks.  I am afraid I do not have much to show for this time, but something is better than nothing!  LOL  I may do some hand quilting tonight on Indian Summer!

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26 Replies to “Mother’s Day and HQAL”

  1. Hi Nanette,
    Happy Mother’s Day to you! It sounds like you are quite a legacy to make your parents proud. The good of both of them, independence when it was uncommon, and inquisitive. My parents were much older when I was born at 46 and 47. They were retiring when I was graduating but it all worked. I hope you enjoyed your day, and I am enjoying your hearts! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. OH WOW – Mother and Daddy waited for 8 years until they could afford children, then he was drafted into the Navy during WWII and gone when I was born. I thought I was the only person with older parents! LOL

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  2. Love the stories about you family Nanette! It has been a lovely day all around, this year! I hope your day was filled with cherished memories and possibly some new ones to add to them! I am seriously think I need to make some of those mini Dresdens, I love looking at them!


    1. It was a crap shoot at that house! LOL. But I had a roof, food, and clothes so what else could we want back then. The kids now would have not made it through the Depression, WWII, and hard times. It has made our generation a very strong group of citizens.


    1. Thx Becky – It was fun at times! Kay’s Mother was my Aunt Rosey and I really do miss her. She has been gone since 2004. She really cared about me and I will never forget her for that! She and I look alike and she was something else. So different from the other 2 sisters! Hoping you enjoy the Long Arm class today and tomorrow! You will learn a lot!


  3. I have an Aunt Rosie, too! She now suffers from the late stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, and it is hard to think of this once vibrant woman so viciously robbed of her personality and health piece by piece. She was the glue that held my paternal family together!

    The sun was shining, and I heard from my kids, and had a lovely day today. I am glad that you did too, Nanette!


    1. My Mother had Alzheimer’s but Aunt Rosey did not! She lived a long full life and only the last 2 years were very difficult for her. I was with her when she passed and sang her into heaven!


  4. Great tribute to your mother. Mine is tough as well and she will be 97 in July. We had a lovely day yesterday.
    Love your pinwheels and hearts.


  5. Sounds like you had an interesting childhood and loving parents. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m not sure any of us would survive if we were thrown into a depression right now, but with time, we would learn, just like our parents and grandparents did. I just hope that kind of depression never comes around again. Did your mother teach you to quilt? Your stitching is so perfect! I love the Dresden blocks.


    1. No Mother did not do any sewing, quilting, cleaning, ironing. She was not what you would call a ‘Susie Homemaker’. Daddy was a Butcher until the age of 49 when he went to work for the State as a State Meat Inspector! Worked until he was 70! Mother was certified at the age of 49 to teach school – taught 20 years! Very interesting individuals!

      I am not sure where my perfectionism came from.


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