Revisiting Dresden Heaven and Hearts

Today was the most peaceful day I have had in years! It was wonderful, no drama, no problems, no interruptions, and progress on Dresden Plates. I have also been working on my daily hearts projects.

I am working on finishing the larger Dresden Plates (9 inches) that will complete the Dresden Heaven (well…let’s say 1/2 way there)! I have made 105 of the mini Dresden’s and there are 16 larger Dresden’s. I finished 7 today. I decided to do the larger Dresden plates to match dome of the mini-Dresden’s. I am pleased with how this 1930’s fabric quilt will turn out. All the Dresden’s will be appliquéd on background fabrics.

Here are the 105 Mini-Dresden’s The 105 Mini-Dresden’s

On May 1 Deb did a SAL for one month – the challenge was to make 1 heart a day!

Here are my 12th heart (upper right hand corner) and all 12 that are completed. My hearts are 3 1/2″ and I made a fabric grid of 6″ squares. This makes it much easier to needle turn applique.

I hope that all have a wonderful Mother’s Day tomorrow. It will be another quiet day tomorrow and I am so looking forward to that! Peace means more time to quilt and relax!


16 thoughts on “Revisiting Dresden Heaven and Hearts

    • OH I wish you had not reminded me! This project will be put away as soon as I finish the 9″ DP’s and maybe this winter I will work on them. I have others that I want to finish! But at least I can say they are ready for hand stitching. I am not a machine applliquer! Have a great day today!


    • Well, they are fun and easy to make, just takes the steps to get them going. I like to get them all cut out, then fold the plate in half, trim, turn the point, and sew them together. One thing I have to remember is that when folding and sewing the plate at the top it has to be a 1.5 stitch length and scant quarter. Then when sewing the DP together, I have to go back to the normal 1/4″ stitch, etc.
      So now I do all the pieces, then trim all, and then I can safely not make mistakes! Ripping a stitch at 1.5 is not going to happen here again! LOL

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day. It is so appreciated to have a calm day. I look upon it as a Free Day. To pull out any project and sew. I love your Dresdens. I never thought of using only two colors.
    Hot and VERY Windy here in Az.


    • Thank you Nancy. Well, we have HOT and HUMID and it will probably be that way through October – Darn! Not sure if the Hurricanes will be heavy this year or not, but we are in a drought again! We are already getting into the 90’s….. Lovely walking. LOL


  2. You picked some of my favorites for the large ones! So happy to hear there was a day with all sewing and no drama! Wishing you more of these in the future, and Happy Mother’s Day to you Nanette!


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