Revisiting Dresden Heaven and Hearts

Today was the most peaceful day I have had in years! It was wonderful, no drama, no problems, no interruptions, and progress on Dresden Plates. I have also been working on my daily hearts projects.

I am working on finishing the larger Dresden Plates (9 inches) that will complete the Dresden Heaven (well…let’s say 1/2 way there)! I have made 105 of the mini Dresden’s and there are 16 larger Dresden’s. I finished 7 today. I decided to do the larger Dresden plates to match dome of the mini-Dresden’s. I am pleased with how this 1930’s fabric quilt will turn out. All the Dresden’s will be appliquéd on background fabrics.

Here are the 105 Mini-Dresden’s The 105 Mini-Dresden’s

On May 1 Deb did a SAL for one month – the challenge was to make 1 heart a day!

Here are my 12th heart (upper right hand corner) and all 12 that are completed. My hearts are 3 1/2″ and I made a fabric grid of 6″ squares. This makes it much easier to needle turn applique.

I hope that all have a wonderful Mother’s Day tomorrow. It will be another quiet day tomorrow and I am so looking forward to that! Peace means more time to quilt and relax!


16 Replies to “Revisiting Dresden Heaven and Hearts”

  1. You picked some of my favorites for the large ones! So happy to hear there was a day with all sewing and no drama! Wishing you more of these in the future, and Happy Mother’s Day to you Nanette!


  2. Happy Mother’s Day. It is so appreciated to have a calm day. I look upon it as a Free Day. To pull out any project and sew. I love your Dresdens. I never thought of using only two colors.
    Hot and VERY Windy here in Az.


    1. Thank you Nancy. Well, we have HOT and HUMID and it will probably be that way through October – Darn! Not sure if the Hurricanes will be heavy this year or not, but we are in a drought again! We are already getting into the 90’s….. Lovely walking. LOL


    1. Well, they are fun and easy to make, just takes the steps to get them going. I like to get them all cut out, then fold the plate in half, trim, turn the point, and sew them together. One thing I have to remember is that when folding and sewing the plate at the top it has to be a 1.5 stitch length and scant quarter. Then when sewing the DP together, I have to go back to the normal 1/4″ stitch, etc.
      So now I do all the pieces, then trim all, and then I can safely not make mistakes! Ripping a stitch at 1.5 is not going to happen here again! LOL

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    1. OH I wish you had not reminded me! This project will be put away as soon as I finish the 9″ DP’s and maybe this winter I will work on them. I have others that I want to finish! But at least I can say they are ready for hand stitching. I am not a machine applliquer! Have a great day today!


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