A Lazy Day and a Heart!

Not a lot of things going on today – low energy, but I did manage to do my heart for the day! (WOW – 20 minutes of work) Here goes:

OOPS – Looks like I may have to correct the lower right hand side! A little off! Already marked for correction! Have a great evening.


4 Replies to “A Lazy Day and a Heart!”

  1. Isn’t it crazy how you can look at something and it’s great, but then you see the photo of it and you see the oopsie! Better go do my leaf, I’m trying to follow your lead and do at least one a day.😘


  2. Yes and I do believe this is why we have design walls! I guess i was diverted when I did that curve, or my lines were like a drunken sailor! LOL I do not know why I had no energy or desire to quilt yesterday – hoping today will be better!


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