A Heart A Day Sew Along

Deb at Happy To Be Scrappy has a one month sew along project going that is going to be fun and easy. It is to applique one heart a day and at the end of May you will have enough blocks to make a quilt using an alternate block of your choice.

I decided to join in as I can certainly do this in the morning with a cup of java!

Here is how I am doing my project. First I decided on using a 3 1/2″ heart pattern (this is an applique project). Then I drew a grid on the background fabric. And now I have 2 hearts finished! I am on schedule now, as I did not start this until yesterday!

I have Mountmellick on the design board so I just laid this over that medallion and hopefully you can see the grid.

Last night and this morning I did my hearts! You can see the grid better now!

The fabric I am using if from some samples that I purchased at the Dallas Quilt Show in March 2017. I wanted to make the hearts and resulting quilts with Reproduction fabrics! The background is a Moda Antique muslin fabric.

Have a great day!

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21 Replies to “A Heart A Day Sew Along”

  1. Love your hearts–and I love all that fabric in your past posts–wow!! and I see we are doing a couple of the same bom/sal’s–so happy stitching!!
    enjoy, di


    1. Thank you Di. I like doing a heart early in the morning before the day starts! It will take me 10 years to make all the quilts I want to make! Running out of time at 73 though! LOL


  2. Howdy,
    This heart quilt is going to be SO CUTE! I love your first two hearts – love the fabrics you chose and they look fab on that background. I’ll be picturing you tomorrow morning working on heart #3.
    ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. I like the idea of the fabric grid. This is easier than holding a small piece of fabric and trying to keep the applique in correct position. I will have all the hearts cut out today and in a stack and 3 sets of fabric grid. All I have to do in the AM is to applique the heart! You need to catch up and play with us.

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  3. Love these little hearts! So happy you are joining in on the fun this month. Any way you can keep the humidity over that way and not send it to Florida this summer?


    1. Thank you Deb. This is a fun and easy project! we have had 90+ humidity here and HOPING for rain tomorrow or today, we will see. We are only 140 miles from the Gulf, so it is always here. We may have a couple of days this week-end when the humidity goes down. A/C is the only saving grace.


  4. Those are so sweet, the perfect project for morning coffee. That’s when I do a leaf or something on my Stars Over Baltimore border, that way I get at least one thing done on it each day.


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