Fabric Washing is Fun!!!

Great weather here in South Texas and hopefully friends in the North will soon have beautiful Spring weather and no more snow until next Winter!

I really do not have anything to show, BUT alas, I finally decided that I really needed to have a fabric washing week-end.  Now that doesn’t seem like a lot of work, but I had an overload of fabric that had been sitting in a chair for about 5 months which is way to long.  Now anything over a yard is easy to wash, trim threads, and fold unless ironing is required.  (I always figure that I would have to press it when I use it in a quilt).

I cannot say that about fat quarters!  What a mess!  I like to purchase them from Whittle’s  when they have them on sale, or purchase the brown bag of mixed reproduction fabrics.   I would like to make a black and red quilt and had been building a stash.  Black reproduction fabrics are hard to find sometimes.  Here is the stack of fabric I washed, trimmed, and ironed.

These are the ‘over’ 1 yard pieces.  Mostly purchased for Reproduction quilts like Di Ford’s.  Found them on sale on line and just could not pass them up!

Then it was time to wash a group of fat quarters.  These were purchased from Whittle’s and I was surprised to find that I have a great selection of the Garibaldi line in Red and Blacks!  I have plenty to make a quilt now in reds and blacks!

Next are a group of P&B ‘Mesh’ fabric line and boy do I know which quilt these will be used in!!!! Absolutely beautiful!

I see some stars in my future with this fabric!!!  In fact, I ordered 2 more fat quarter bundles of the fabric.  P&B is one of the fabric companies that I love.  Can always depend on getting great fabric from them.

These were the remaining fat quarters from group that I ordered.  I was a 2 day effort to get all of the washing and ironing completed, so today I finished up the remaining FQ’s and have taken it easy.  Doing some hand work!

I am working on Block 4 of Nesting, borders for Mountmellick and still hoping to get to some hand quilting on Indian Summer.  I think I have a bad case of Spring Fever, just wanting to not get in a hurry about anything!

Have a wonderful week!  Enjoy stitching!


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18 Replies to “Fabric Washing is Fun!!!”

  1. Hi Nanette,
    What a great job you did with all of that fabric! And oh so pretty – I really love the mesh ones. Those colors! I can’t wait to see where they end up. Oh, and a black and red quilt – love those two colors together. It’s a hit, no matter what pattern you use. How fun! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. I realized that I forgot to put the yardage fabrics – have updated it!!! Thx for the cudo’s. It was worth it getting things done. I still have some more that was purchased a few years back…. but maybe next week. I would like to get all caught up.

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  2. I too like to wash my new fabrics before using them. Sometimes I have a big pile and other times just a whole bolt of one background fabric. I do not always iron them now since I will iron them when I use them.


    1. That is what I did for the large pieces, but the FQ’s really needed to have some sizing back into them. They tend to work better – I use the can of sizing in the blue can. They spray the fabric with chemicals when shipping from overseas…… Thx for commenting! Have a great day!


    1. Please, I have so much and really need to continue making quilts. I am getting there. I need to make some family gift quilts. We could meet halfway and I could get a really good knitting lesson!!! LOL. Hugs

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  3. I agree that the black repro fabrics are not plentiful. I was looking at Whittle’s site earlier today. I saw the mixed bags of fabrics and wondered if they were a decent buy.


    1. Yes, out of the bags I have bought there are only about 6 that I may not use. I was surprised on the last special they had. I just love those P&B Mesh! They are good fabrics same as the ones you purchase on line for $3.50 and $12.00 a yard (higher in the stores)


  4. I love Whittle’s! It is not that far north of Nashville, and one of these days when I’m heading that way, I’m going to do an overnight and GO there! You have some gorgeous fabrics in these photographs. I’m still kicking myself for not buying the great red and black line they had last year. By the time I decided I would, they’d sold out already!


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