Vacation Away From Quilting!

After completing my I Love Texas Quilt I do believe I suffered from quilt burnout!  I only worked a little on my Indian Summer so nothing to show on that one.  Then I decided to work on the 4th Block for Nesting.  I finished one of the long stems and the next evening when I was ready to work on leaves I could not find the sandwich bag with the pieces for applique!  What a hoot that was.  I had the feeling that they were close at hand and finally after a couple of days I found the little baggie inside the recliner!  So maybe this week I will make more progress on that block.

I then started work on the next border for Mountmellick.  I did accomplish cutting out 4 border sides, marking them for the stems, and cutting out the hexagons (1/2″ hexies) for the border.  This had to be very precise because of the placement of the stems and flowers AND the exact length to prevent problems when sewing it to the center!   Di Ford used a lot of  Broderie Perse (French for “Persian embroidery”) on this border, but I have decided to make 28  hexagon flowers (small babies) and forgo the BP.  I have appliqued the stem on one of the 4 borders.  I believe I cut out 168 hexagons.  I have the template and PP from Paper Pieces which makes it a much faster way to cut them.



Status on catching up on quilting 5 flimsy’s.  I think THINK I have found a long arm quilter to quilt 5 of my quilts with pantograms – that takes a lot off of me and only leaves me with the quilts to be hand quilted!  Will check this out next week, so that eliminates some more work to catch up on.

I also dabble with knitting I am not near the knitter that Kathy Reeves is and others who Blog, but hope someday to become more proficient.  I have been trying to make a dish rag with a basketweave pattern for the last year or so (see I do not do a lot of knitting) and failed.  This time I went to a local (100 mile round trip) yarn shop and had about 30 minutes of assistance and came home and made the darn thing.  This time I used a cotton thread – variegated – but it came out perfect.  Now I am proud of this and will continue to practice my knitting with them and then move on to something better!

Front View

Back View

Yesterday I decided it was time to “wash fabric” time!  I have some more fat quarters to wash and press, but have made a lot of progress on that goal also!

I have another week (9 days to be precise) to become more productive in meeting my monthly goals for April – Yup April is almost history for 2018!  Sometimes when I push too hard and other issues are in the mix, I have to step back and get away from anything I just have to do and veg!  It worked this time because I woke up today ready to get with the program and catch up on projects.

Have a great Sunday.

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27 thoughts on “Vacation Away From Quilting!

  1. Do not discount the dish rag…… when they are gone and the peeps who use to knit them for me are gone… you would love to have a dish rag not consider other things “better”.


  2. I am totally amazed you can have so much going on at one time (1 quilt at a time for me) Mountmellick is monumentally magnificent. It’s already so stunning I can not imagine how gorgeous it will be with the added border, if I am understanding correctly. Love the knitting project…I have a baby blanket crochet project going right now. I enjoy switching up.


    • The picture is a picture of the actual quilt. As you can see in the picture, she has 3 small hexagon flowers and then the BP cut out flowers. I did not want to overwhelm the border on my quilt because the next border is nothing but quarter square triangles. I used to have one going on at a time, but boy did I ever mess up by stopping in the middle or right at the end of a project. It is catch up time. I want to make more of the dish cloths! I also have looms to make wonderful yarn coasters – hum maybe I will make some more and post about them – when I get there! LOL Thx for the nice comment.


  3. I’m glad you found the baggie with the leaves. I don’t usually find what I’ve misplaced until after I’ve cut new pieces. MM is looking good. I think the EPP flower will look very nice. Better start another dishcloth while you remember how to do it. Dishcloths make a lovely small gift.


    • Yup – you are correct. There is one row where you do 3 purls, I do believe now that is where I was messing up the pattern. They are quick and easy and are nice giveaways! I need to get my yarn loom out and make some nice coasters and give them out to my buddies! Thx for the comment and have a great day!


  4. I think those hexies will look wonderful on the border, and your dish cloth looks marvelous ma’am! Make several, and you’ll have that knit purl thing down pat. From there, the sky’s the limit.


    • It is funny how I had forgotten what little I did know about knitting…… Thank you Kathy. Maybe when South Texas starts getting snow I will do a sweater – that is a really LOL!
      I think I am drowning in the washed fat quarters…. Think I will see which ones have to be pressed and the ones that can just be folded>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Have a great Sunday!

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  5. Those hexies will look just perfect as your border, I think! How wonderful that you have found a long arm quilter – that will take the stress off of you for sure. I just sent out my Postcard, and can hardly wait to get it back! I have never seen that pattern for dish clothes, but it is really cute. My sister used to make these for me, but she’s been gone now for 10 years. I have one left that I saved. ~smile~ Roseanne


  6. My knitting skills leave a lot to be desired. A couple years ago, I donated all my patterns and needles to the local church thrift shop and I have not regretted having done that.


    • I am not to that point yet…. but there have been some days in the past when I thought I would sell all the quilting things…… but then the next day I would recover from that stupid remark! LOL


  7. I love the hexies. They would work on the scrappy I have been working on. Thanks. I joined the Gallery in Tombstone. Hope tp sell a few things.


  8. Kudos for you even attempting Mountmellick, let alone getting so far. Your hexagon colors are very appealing to me, and I look forward to seeing an update post of what you’ve completed so far.


    • I will work on the border hexies after I finish my 4th block of Nesting. Last night I realized that the nice long stem that I had done Sunday night was not long enough – RIP TIME. I am halfway getting it back on the right length. Need stronger glasses or a better brain! LOL!


    • If I ever get the ‘reply’ for each comment right the first time it will be a miracle!!!!!

      Yes, I do believe that is why they invented vacation time for workers! – at least a week end after 5 days of work…. It seems to work for me! Have a great day and thx for commenting!


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