RSC 2018 Squared Away April Blocks

It is going to be great weather this week-end here in South Texas.  Although I do hope that we do not start with the 100 degree/high humidity weather in May – how about June, that would be better.

I am very pleased with the first half of April in getting the UFOs out-of-the-way! Click HERE to see why I am so happy!

This morning I finished the last 2 blocks for the month of April.  The colors this month were in yellow and gold.  I chose 2 batiks that I love!  I believe that these blocks will be a great ‘popper” for the more earth tones I have used in previous months, yet not too light, just right!

Squared Away Yellow and Gold Blocks

Time for my morning walk and then I will just sit in the Studio and decide what I will work on today!  It is so nice when things go one’s way!  (at least for a while – LOL).  Have a great week-end!

20 Replies to “RSC 2018 Squared Away April Blocks”

  1. Nanette,
    I love, love, LOVE these blocks! They look like nice little sunshines all in a row. Very happy looking and we need a little sunshine here today – all gloomy and rainy and cold. ~smile~ Roseanne


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