Friday the 13th Finishes!

What a week – for a few days things did not go well, but starting Wednesday I was on a roll!

I am so happy because here are my finishes for the week. I have completed finishing the quilt UFO’s that were waiting to become a flimsy!!!!

I finished putting the final border on my I Love Texas quilt. I changed the setting from the original pattern, but used the embroidery patterns for the block. I found the Medallion Panel a couple of years ago and really had to work to make it all come together! This is the original pattern.

This is my Version and because I did not use any Stars, I named mine the I Love Texas quilt!

The brown border is the same all the way around the quilt, just could not get a good picture!

Today after getting the border on my Texas quilt, I decided to make a small wall hanging out of a block from A Bountiful Life that I made about 3 years ago and it is not part of the quilt that is in the UFO stack for applique. This was an unplanned UFO for April, but it is now marked, sandwiched and ready for hand quilting!

Next, I did the beak and eyes on Block 3 of Nesting – only 1 more block and the borders and it will become a flimsy!

AND then I cut out my 3 blocks for RSC 2018  Squared Away! I was able to finish 1 block and the remaining 2 are the same color and ready to be sewn together!

All in all, I am thrilled. I will be working on quilting Happy Scrappy, Nesting, Indian Summer, Britton Hall and Mountmellick.  Giving all a little time and they will be completed!

Have a great week-end. It feels so good to slowly achieve my goals!!!! Even with all the Caremark acid maker, I am making progress and this makes me happy!

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34 Replies to “Friday the 13th Finishes!”

  1. I really like the map in the center of your Texas quilt, surrounded by the embroidered blocks. It makes a very nice contrast and adds interest. 😊 you have been so busy finishing things this week, you must be stoked!


  2. Love your Texas version…makes Texas the focal point instead of the stars. Maybe someday, I can visit Texas.

    I also really like your choices for the yellow RSC18 sampler. I have yet to make mine. I am a bit behind, but am making some progress on my goals for the month.


  3. I LOVE the Texas quilt! It came out so nice! It just feels so good to do a little bit on each and then before you know it, you’re done. Great plan of attack on multiple projects.
    Stupid question, what is a flimsy?


    1. Thx Becky – Now to figure out what to do today – hand quilt, applique, or work on Mountmellick – so many choices! As to the flimsy, I used to call it a quilt top, but it appears now that the “word” is flimsy! That means the top is finished, but the quilt is not quilted yet! I picked up on the change in the labeling of a finished quilt top through the Blogs i follow! Not a stupid question – no questions are stupid! Well, let me think on that one – LOL i.e. questions at the daily WH briefings! (oops)


  4. WOW – what a productive week you had even if it didn’t start until Wednesday! I love your RSC block – so pretty and cheerful to see on this very dreary day. Your Texas quilt is fabulous!! I love the center with the shape carried out into all the surrounding blocks. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thank you Rosanne! I was so happy to see Texas finished into a flimsy! Then was able to finish the other 3 little projects – all in a day! Of course, I just had to put a border on Texas, but was so happy that my measurements came out perfect! No thanks to EQ7! Good ole’ mathematics! LoL

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  5. I like the Texas embroidery design. I would probably have done one of those when we lived in Texas had the design been available.


    1. Thank you Karen. This project has been hanging around for a while! I am glad to get it to the flimsy. It will be number 6 for hand quilting! I will never get them all done! LOL Hope all is well.


  6. I adore your Texas quilt. Sometimes monochrome quilts (redwork, bluework) sort of look to me like they lack a focal point, even though I love the embroidery. Your quilt does NOT have that issue! What a great use of a panel and the blocks are perfect to go with it. The browns remind me of the old sepia photographs from the western pioneer days.


    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment. I used a varigated gold/brown embroidery thread for the blocks. The original pattern has been made and shown at a lot of quilt shows and I just wanted to do something different. I picked up the sashing and border fabric a few years back but it is a western fabric! I do believe that my creativity is back! I am hoping to finish some of my quilts next year for entry into the SA show. My hand applique/embroidery quilts will be hand quilted. Have a wonderful day and again, thx for commenting!


  7. What a busy and productive stitching week you have had. Of course I love all the embroidery and hand work you have done and will be doing. All your work is just so immaculate.


  8. A busy week filled with great accomplishments. I am loving the Squared Away block. It is so sunny and happy – just what I need during this old and rainy spring. Thanks for sharing all your great work with Oh Scrap!


  9. Love your ‘I Love Texas’ quilt – it really looks great, even without the stars. And your blocks are so pretty, especially the one you choose to make into a wall hanging. Can’t wait to see the quilting on it!


    1. Thank you Susan! I am going to set a goal to do at least 3 nights of hand quilting a week! I hope to get this finished sometime in the future. It will be hand quilted. Thx for commenting!


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