6 & 6 in 2018 Update for March

Greetings from South Texas where Spring is definitely here!  This is the prettiest time and becoming my favorite time of the year.  It is before we go in to the hot and humid and dry summers now.   We are hoping for some nice April showers this month as we are still very dry!

Here is my update for the 6 & 6 in 2018!  I have added a few things that were definitely UFO’s.  I am hoping to complete more than I did in March – time will tell!

  1. Complete UFOs (Pictures below)
    Margaret Potts – Flimsy Completed
    2007 UFO BOM – Completed selecting last 6 blocks and they are ready for applique – Completed Flimsy
    State of Texas Quilt – Next in line  for April
  2. Flimsy’s to be Quilted – 
    Rainbow Regatta – Regatta and I divorced – she has a new home at my Cousin Susan’s house – Disaster city for me! DONE!
    Rosemary Youngs 2014 BOM
    Enduring Legacy
  3. Completed Quilts – These are 2 quilts that were made in 2003 and probably in 2008 and had not been quilted.
    1. Christmas HeartsCompleted
    2. Bear PawCompleted
  4. Get Organized – Accomplished
  5. Projects to complete
    Mountmellick – Still Ready for Section 2
    A Bountiful Life – 20 total number of blocks – 6 Completed – 4 ready for Applique  STILL!
    Nesting – 4 total number of blocks – 2 completed – 1 half way almost complete (does this count?) and 1 left to complete and then the appliqued              border.
    Aunt Bea’s Parlor – I had to redo – ready to trace the patterns on each block!  Still waiting patiently for me to trace on background fabric!
    Dresden Heaven – I have 105 of the Mini’s completed.  I am delaying anymore work on this for a month or so to have a change in pace!
    Brinton Hall – poor baby ! so ignored!
  6. Free BOM/BOW I am following:
    RSC for 2018 – Squared Away – Completed January and February and March – all on time!
    Baltimore Stars – For a Later Date!
  7. Hand Quilting Project
    1. Indian Summer – A project that was made in early 2000 and I started the hand quilting in or around 2012 and it has been ignored.  Making progress.
Completed Margaret Potts – Ready for Hand quilting!
2007 BOM – Titled A Year of Flowers and Holidays
Christmas Hearts – My first Applique Quilt made in 2002-2003 timeframe
Bear Paw – Optical Illusion – Made in 2008 timeframe!
RSC 2018 Squared Away – March Blocks!
Indian Summer Block – Completed in March – Hand Quilting Project

I am trying very hard to complete my 6 & 6 in 2018, even slipping in the little projects that do not take a lot of time!   Happy Stitching!

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8 Replies to “6 & 6 in 2018 Update for March”

    1. I was surprised when I started looking at what I did get done. I am ready to work on Mountmellick and load Rosemary’s quilt. UNLESS I find someone to catch me up on the quilts! Hum maybe I will do that today!


  1. There’s some big stuff crossed off that list.😊 This month will be better for you. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the Texas quilt, that one is mostly embroidery isn’t it?


    1. Yes and I found the panel for the State to change the pattern. The original pattern has sashings with stars and you and I know that won’t work like it should. Now I have to settle in and get the math going on what type of border to add before I can add the blocks…. That will be fun to do as I love math! Have a great day! Took the day off yesterday and did a day trip with Clay – it was fun!

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