Happy Easter, OMG, RSC 2018, and HQAL

Happy Easter!  Have a wonderful day with family and friends.  A short post to provide status of One Monthly Goal (OMG),  RSC 2018 Sampler Squared Away and Hand Quilt Along (HQAL)

Click here to see the status of my OMG for March OMG for March 2018.   I have completed three additional projects that were not on the original list even though I only completed half of my original goals.  I completed the binding on Christmas Hearts and quilted my Bear Paw Quilt which tends to have a floating/optical illusion look, and completed another hand quilted block for Indian Summer  Maybe this makes up for not finishing the original goal.

My RSC 2018 Sampler Squared Away green blocks are complete!

And now I have completed 2 blocks of my Indian Summer quilt!  This was also an “add on” to my March Goals.

I am so happy to see March 2018 over with!  It was not that good of a month and it appears that a lot of my friends did not have a good one either!  Let’s bring in April with nothing but fun, happiness, and more quilting!!!!

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31 Replies to “Happy Easter, OMG, RSC 2018, and HQAL”

    1. I cannot for the life of me figure out why it sat so patiently waiting for me to start hand quilting again, other than the 2 carpel tunnel surgeries last year. LOL NO HANDS! In fact, my hands are better since I started it again! Amazing.


  1. I think you did really well in March! Your Southwest motifs speak to my heart, and the colors are great. Beautiful cross hatching, too. I like the pattern you chose for your RSC blocks this year. It looks like a good month to me!


  2. Love the look of all of your works: Completed and on their way. Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter. Quilt On!


    1. I am working on it… but going back and forth from applique to hand quilting to LA quilting. Need to set goals for OMG April! April will be better than March I am certain. Have a great day!


    1. Well, I need to do this quilt because I have 4 that I want to load on my brand new February 2017 Z44 quilting frame….. LOL …LOL! They are not perfect, but I keep trying, and thank you Lori…..


            1. We got some rain late last night and the wind. It is about 50 – which is cool again. I looked at the weather map last night and there is still a lot of unsettled weather coming in from the Pacific and a few from Canada……….Late winter!


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