A Friday Finish

It is regret that I announce that my Rainbow Regatta has bit the dust! This quilt was doomed from the moment I loaded it on the HQ16! From the 3 backings prepared, to the ripping out twice, need I say more? I had to cut about 20″ off the length thinking that maybe I MIGHT try again on my Husqvarna but then decided to call my cousin Susan and offer it to her. I had 6 other quilt tops that I would probably never quilt and packaged them up and they are now on their way to her! She is thrilled to be the recipient of the flimsy’s and that makes me happy sharing with her. I am also happy, and relieved, because I have 6 flimsy’s less to quilt and no more Rainbow Regatta. Talk about a happy camper…..

I wanted to have at least one quilt completed this month from my ‘flimsy’ stash, and I did just that today! I made this Bear Paw quilt about 10 years ago. I fixed the backing, loaded the quilt, and quilted it! Tomorrow I am hoping I will have some time to do the binding. I will machine quilt the binding. The backing fabric is Mimi Dietrich fabric from 2006! I loved that fabric and must have purchased 8 yards total because there is plenty left over for other projects!

All in all, I am happy and pleased that have been able to complete at least 1/2 of my goals for March. Here she is ready to go!

Tomorrow is house cleaning day and Sunday we will spend Easter with our Melissa! I should have time to work on the binding, but if too worn out, I will work on my Indian Summer hand quilting project! May you have a blessed Easter with your family and/or friends.

14 Replies to “A Friday Finish”

  1. So sorry that the Rainbow Regatta bit the dust. Glad you cousin is thrilled to receive it. Love your Bear’s Paw quilt. Nice finish. Have a Happy Easter. Hugs


  2. I should have known something was wrong because each time I tried to get it done problems came up. It was the border fabric – it was flaring and after ripping a section I realized that I would probably be so frustrated it just was not worth it. I will probably not ever do another Modern quilt. This was first and last! LOL


    1. Clay and I have decided that when I finish a quilt that is not a Show quilt I need to complete the process and quilt it! I think I agree, providing I find someone to catch me with with the other 6! LOL. Thank you so much. I love the colors of the quilt!


  3. I imagine letting go of a few flimsies is quite freeing to the soul, once that decision is finally made. Now there is room to breathe, relax, and move on to what you really want to do.


    1. It was liberating! I never thought I would part with those quilt tops, but I had outgrown them and knew that a few would give me issues. It makes my cousin happy and that is a great feeling to share.


  4. Good for you to send away those flimsies to a good home where they thrilled the recipient! The bear paw is beautiful! Have you decided on a flimsy for next week? Easter blessings to you and yours. He is risen!!


    1. Gretchen helped me make that decision, otherwise they would still be hanging! Thank you on the Bear Paw. I have 8 30 inch blocks that I made in the 2011 timeframe when I was working on colors. I will quilt all of them on the domestic – Probably load one the next week, or if lucky find a long arm quilter who will quilt 2 custom quilts and the remainder with pantograms. Then I will be caught up except for quilts to be hand quilted!
      Yes, and Easter blessings to you and yours, and He is Risen. Wish our world was a better place for all! See you on Sunday with HQAL!

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  5. The Bear Paw is gorgeous and I’ve always wanted to make one. If you have other tops to be free of, I’m just down the road and need things to put on the LA. I’ve gotten to where I need to make things to practice on. Happy Easter!!


    1. Sorry for the late reply! Thank you Becky, the remaining ones are 4 to be hand quilted, and 6 that will be sent out for LA pantograms and 2 of them will be custom. BUT if I do another one that I do not care to spend the time quilting and will never use, I will let you know! Happy Easter going to be a pretty day here in the neighborhood! PS. If I want to practice, I make a top and bottom muslin andpractice with that!


  6. Hi Nanette,
    I’m sorry that Rainbow Regatta frustrated you so much, but it is definitely best to just cut your losses. It sounds like your cousin will give all of them a good home, and who could ask for more?! Your Bear Paw looks gorgeous and isn’t it nice to have it complete?! Happy Easter to you and your family! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. I feel so much better since I gave that one and 6 others away!!! Tomorrow starts a new month and new goals. I am feeling the relief of less quilts to get quilted (probably find a LA quilter and send them out so I will be caught up on that!) Have a great Easter and thx for commenting!

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