March OMG Status and RSC 2018 Squared Away

Greetings from South Texas where we received 3 inches of rain early this morning!  Yea.

I was reading a post from Busy Hands Quilting and she provided a link to Craftsy on 3 ways to do Half Square Triangles (HSTs).  I thought I would pass it on as it is so informative and the designer includes adequate sizes to cut in order to be able to square each one for accuracy!  Great print out to keep!

Here were my March Goals that I was just so sure I could complete.

  1. Flimsy’s to be Quilted (Longarm)– Absolutely No Progress Yet
    Rainbow Regatta     –  Regatta has rejected all choices for a backing – so she still sits waiting for a miracle!
    Rosemary Youngs Happy Scrappy BOM
    Enduring Legacy 
  2. Complete Nesting (All Applique) 2 blocks completed, 1 more than halfway, and then prepare the border. Absolutely No Progress Yet
  3. Complete 2007 UFO BOM – 6 easy blocks to applique – YEA – Completed ready to quilt!
  4. Mountmellick – Complete Section 3 and 4 (borders) – WHO? WHAT? WHEN?  Absolutely No Progress Yet
  5. RSC 2018 – Squared Away blocks for March – YEA – Completed
  6. Finish  My Texas Quilt (designing the setting and sewing into a Flimsy)  WHO? WHAT? WHEN?  Absolutely No Progress Yet

I did add one more project during the month – Indian Summer quilt.  It is a hand quilting project.  I am pleased of the progress that I am making.


Whenever I started quilting this quilt I had completed the Sun block and now I have finished the Pot block and ready to work on the middle border, but need to mark it.

Completed 2007 BOM named A year of Flowers and Holidays.

For my RSC 2018 Squared Away the color was Green!  I completed those for the month.

I still have 4 more days before the end of the month – hopefully Regatta and I can come to an agreement on which backing fabric to use!  I need a large shot of CREATIVITY!  Have a great Wednesday – enjoy stitching!

16 Replies to “March OMG Status and RSC 2018 Squared Away”

  1. Looks like you made great progress in March.. just not on what you were planning! Your ‘new’ quilt is beautiful- especially all those tiny stitches.


  2. Well, not as much as I wanted, but heck if I go 24 hours a day by Sunday I could meet all the goals! LOL Thank you on your comments. The next hand quilt is going to be 3/4″…… 1/2″ is grueling !


  3. I do love the grid work, but that is a lot of stitches! Still, it is the perfect complement to the larger motifs. If Regatta would just chose the backing she is will to accept you could throw her on the long arm, especially since I know you are wishing to have a break from appliqué for a few more days at least!


  4. Well, I have found the fabric, it is loaded, the quilt is ready for quilting! BUT to rest the back, I am going to sit down and sew a binding on my Christmas Heart quilt that I quilted a couple of months ago and made the quilt 15 years ago……….wow how time flies!


  5. Everything looks so pretty – the hand stitching, and the quilts in progress. Eventually you’ll get a backing figured out. Do you have any leftover fabric from the front to piece with something else?


  6. Thank you so much. I did find a fabric that I felt would suit the top… Heading to the longarm to quilt it! I purchased the RJR fabric years ago and just could not part with the remaining by piecing it all together! I wanted to save it for other projects. Thx for commenting.


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