The Week That Was (Not)!

OK – Spring has arrived in South Texas, and waiting for those Spring Showers for the next few days… hope they arrive. This will be the shortest post I will ever write because to re-document all I went through last week would take up just too much time to read! But believe me when I say it was the week from @@@@.

Oh how we plan and organize our efforts, only to have Unforeseen Requirements (UFR’s) screw us up and I do hope Caremark goes out of business!!!!!

So since my last post of 17 Mar – (Think the Ides of March got me) – here are my accomplishments and disasters.

1. Hand Quilting on my Indian Summer Quilt (found the pattern). I have finished the block I was working on last week. I am pleased with my quilting.

I am now about 1/3rd through. It was the only thing that was relaxing last week!

2. Rainbow Regata loaded and ready to go! See that neat Cutting Board Clock on the wall? Well, Lori sent that to me! I love it! That was so sweet of you to think of me Lori and I enjoy it so much. Thank you!

Here it is after I quilted 2 rows…….

Here it is after the tension messed up and something was not making my HQ16 happy, but as you see I kept going for 2 rows and then it was RIP time! The batting and 2 backings are now in the land fill trash! You can fill in the blanks – enough said about this disaster!

3. Now on to the next show and tell and accomplishment. Isn’t this just the neatest iron? I found them on Amazon for $29.00 about 5 years ago when those expensive irons started spitting out black stuff on my quilts. This is a Continental Dry Iron and no automatic cut off. The first one I had quit working last week and of course, I had a backup.

I do believe it was just not my week because as I was working on my RSC 2018 Squared Away Block’s, I began to notice something black on the white fabric!. When I tried to clean the iron plate with traditional wax, it went through the pad I was using and of course messed up my ironing board cover! Whatever was happening with this puppy it was enough for me to shut down the Studio (on Saturday) and went into the Den to just sit and watch movies Saturday evening. My sweet Clay stayed and cleaned the iron plate and iron with Acetone. It is fine now, but not on Saturday!

4. Sunday morning I made me a new cover with some muslin for the ironing board! Now I do love this ironing station, no stooping, or problems ironing large pieces of fabric. I enjoyed doing this – no disaster here!

5. Finally after 6 days of @@@@ I finished something! My 3 blocks for RSC 2018 Squared Away. I was able to salvage them on Sunday as the black whatever came off with water. Whew!

Here is another view of the blocks.

I tried to write a funny post about my week, but then Mr Fibro came and that did it for the brain. I gave up and came in and now sitting in the Den relaxing! Hummmm, I wonder how my day will go tomorrow? Have a great evening and week! Mine has to be better than last week!

27 Replies to “The Week That Was (Not)!”

  1. I think that Regatta top is really finicky about the batting and backing she wants!! Those blocks are beautiful as is your newly topped ironing station. Let this be a better week!


  2. Well I’m glad to hear that even the best quilters have weeks like mine! LOL I loooove that ironing station! Did you get those baskets from Ikea or Sam’s? A station like that would certainly solve my fabric storage problem. The cutting board clock is super cute! Lucky girl! Do you have a Stitch Eraser? They are for machine embroidery and melt through thread like butter. I have a battery operated one and it’s amazing. After doing the loopy thing on the back of the quilt one time, I ALWAYS check the back side about halfway through my first row and then I’m always critiquing it on the roll up bar. Sounds like a lovely week!


    1. They are from the Container Store. The Elfa units. I have the ones under the ironing board and 3 on the other side of the room. They are wonderful for fat quarters and other things, esp for those large cones for the long arm. I use a rotary cutter to rip quilts that give me a problem, I just need to order a new body from Amazon this week. Think we will get rain today? Guess not the sun is shining brightly on the hill in LV! I am thinking that I will load a muslin piece and work the heck out of the machine. It just needs to sew and was balking the other day. Normally I do not have tension problems with it. It was a bad week from the beginning! You’ve been there too!


  3. Hi Nanette,
    Your hand quilting is just beautiful, and I really love the Indian Summer blocks that you shared. Oh man, I am sorry you are having issues with your pretty rainbow Regatta. Ugg, sounds like your week is best left in the past, never to be revisited again. {{Hugs}} And irons – ugg – we need them but sometimes . . . well, that thought is better left unsaid. ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. Your hand quilting is amazing. Sorry about your issues quilting your Rainbow Regatta quilt. I’ve had similar problems on my regular sewing machine. I bought an expensive iron and it lasted one year. I’m back to an inexpensive iron…the steam is great. Love all your projects. Here’s to a better week ahead. Hugs


  5. Beautiful hand quilting and you survived a week from @@@@ with only tail feathers a bit burned. You have been productive and it shows well. Thanks for sharing. My week was good but not quilte as productive. Better week ahead.


    1. Well, I need to get something completed before the end of this week of my OMG goals will not be met! As we know, things will get better, then worse, then better, and the beat goes on!


  6. Love your ironing station. Please email me the photo so I can get him to work. I jeed to find one of those irons. Dry iron is the way to go. Thinking march was not our month ( blog post later today). Quilts look great, even the one you tore out!


  7. The irons are $29.00 on Amazon and it is a dry iron. Just be sure to clean it before you use it with Acetone and make sure that there are no issues. No this was not my month! But I have 4 days to correct that (LOL what a joke) Thx, the fabric should be here today for the new backing! HUgs


  8. What a great recap of the week…totally love the RSC 2018 Squared Away – the green, white and black? Don’t know what he RSC stands for but it is wonderful. I am totally envious of an ironing station, goodness I am using a towel set on top of my washing machine – not even an ironing board 😦 Sharon


    1. It was the week that was…. You can go to and click on the RSC 2018 Sampler and they provide the colors for the month and this year a pattern each month. It is fun to do. I did not like the one I made last year as it was just 4 patches, but it looks OK, have one mistake to fix before I quilt it. I started with one room when I started quilting after retirement, and a lot of areas in the house. In 2009 we expanded the Studio so I am very blessed. Hubby has 2 rooms also and we spend our days out here. So hang in there it can get better! But quilters learn how to make do. Thx for commenting and following me.


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