Doing Something Different! Hand Quilting

Happy St Patricks Day! I remember when I was younger the San Antonio River in downtown SA was dyed Green and the “thing” was to go to a Pub on the River Walk and enjoy some beer with friends. So today in celebration of St Patty’s Day, I am going to hand quilt. Mainly because I wanted to do something different and I quit drinking in 1980’s, so no more green beer here! LOL

Yesterday my goal for the day was to load my Rainbow Regatta quilt on the long arm. I was really not in the mood for doing this task as ‘old age’ was showing up! This project did not go very far before I ran head on into issues. First, I realized that my pins needed to be replaced, secondly, the batting seemed to have a problem, third there were problems with the first fabric selected for the backing. But I had committed my day to get started on this quilt so I pushed through even with the body hurting!

I could not decide on a backing – muslin or some of my more expensive fabric. I decided that I would use muslin. I had a very nice piece that measured 98″ wide and cut what I needed and as I started pressing it when – BINGO – there it was, a little ‘very noticeable’ spot! Grrrr! So I selected another muslin that looked like it would be acceptable! MISTAKE – it must have been a cheap piece left over from the past before I started purchasing Moda muslin. I loaded the backing anyway and moved on to the batting issue, opened a new bag and realized that before I could use it I would have to spritz it and let it hang over night! Since this is not a show quilt I closed my eyes and decided to use the original batting I had cut and the ‘cheap’ muslin! (BIG BIG MISTAKE). I unloaded the backing and to the trash it went!

By this time I really wanted to just go to bed and wake up today and maybe things would go better, but no I preserved! This time it would mean additional work and time. The quilt measures 60″ x 78″ and I would need to add an extra 4″ on all sides. I found a piece of heavier fabric and had to cut 2 lengths at 83′, then cut one of the pieces in half and add them to the center piece! Of course pressing was again in the picture!

I decided that I will wash the original muslin with the “spot” and hopefully it would wash out and then spritz the new batting and get the wrinkles out for another project as it is not a white batting.

After going through this disaster, I did get the top loaded, a backing ready to load, but by this time I was really worn out (mentally and frustrated) and decided that I would close up the Studio and go do a weekly minor house cleaning to clear my mind and I guess to punish my body more!

All in all, my tracker says I did very close to 12,000 steps and 4,000 of that was attributed to my morning walk! I do believe I really have overdone things! This morning there was a tug of war between mind and body and both came to the agreement that I would sit and hand quilt and see if my body will recoup. I do believe that there was a reason for what transpired yesterday as I will change the backing and batting before this puppy gets quilted.

So for the day, and maybe tomorrow, I picked up a small quilt that I had partially hand quilted a few years back. The top was made in early 2002 or 2003 when I first started quilting. This was the first fabric I had ever purchased at a quilt store and probably one of the early applique pieces I had made. I need to do some practice quilting before I load a quilt in the Z44, so this will not be wasted time.

This is my Hinterberg lap frame and I love it! I found an 18″ hoop that Clay fixed it where I can switch from the 14″ to the 18″ with no problems. I also have a 24″ Grace hoop that I absolute hate and have tried to sell it but no one wants it. It is a poly type frame and I really made a mistake when I made the purchase!

This is the quilt I will be finishing up – not sure when – depends on the hands.

I will do a grid in each block.

I decided to do different designs in the borders.

And now – ready to go and quilt! (This project was forgotten as a UFO and not on my OMG for March but it will be worked on for awhile). I am ready for Slow Stitching Sunday!

This is the first time I have done a post using my new iPad and the WordPress App! WOW! Take a picture and have it immediately to include in a post! Love technology! Have a wonderful week-end and I hope I have learned that when the body wants to overrule the mind I let it!


38 Replies to “Doing Something Different! Hand Quilting”

  1. Your hand quilting is so perfect it doesn’t look “home made” as mine surely would.
    It’s good that you have a real project to warm up on
    What is it that makes the quilting frame you don’t like unusable for you?
    Sunny ☀️ and warm on the left coast


  2. That little wall hanging is amazing, the applique, the quilting, oh my goodness! Hope the resting gets you feeling good again. Enjoy your warm up project before the main event!


  3. You hand quilting is amazing! I am 34 weeks pregnant with baby number 9 and my husband wants me to have a break from quilting because I pin baste on the floor and quilt on a small domestic machine. I wish I had some hand quilting to work on! You are so inspiring!


  4. Baby Number 9? You are a brave lady! Sometimes making a small wall hanging is easy to do with one block, then hand quilt it. I have done a lot like that! Take care and watch those movements at the end (like I am a pro on babies!). LOL. Thx for commenting!


    1. Thanks for the encouragement and yes, have to be careful in the f8nal weeks as I have had all csections (my oldest child is 12). I have a plan to make two bassinet sized quilts but thankfully can baste on my cutting table. I still can’t get over how perfect your hand stitching is!


  5. Hi Nanette,
    WOW – this little quilt looks beautiful and I love the quilting. Isn’t hand quilting just so relaxing?! That’s why I love to tack down the binding by hand. I didn’t know there was a WP app! I’m going to check that out! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thank you Roseanne. I finally realized that it works great for IPad and phone because I do not have to sign in each time I reply to comments. Now when I do some links I have to be on my PC. But I do like the App. have a great week. This is nothing but hand and longarm quilting week. Yea.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. What a sweet little quilt! You’re a better woman than me. I can’t imagine doing any hand quilting – let alone as meticulously perfect as you’ve gotten your stitches. I bet you did half those steps going back and forth around the frame! LOL Sometimes the quilting mojo is just off and it’s best left for another day. The Red Snappers I picked up at the SAQG show last Sept has changed my life and I’ll never go back. Of course, that wasn’t your problem with spots and whatnot. I’ve really tried to purge the crappy fabric I used to buy so that I only reach for quality now. Can’t you toss batting in the dryer for 20 mins to remove the wrinkles? Or not with that type. I made that mistake with a bamboo iron-on batting that came out in one giant sticky ball! What a mess!


  7. Thank you Becky. When I first started quilting in 2000 or so I bought Wal Mart fabric. It did not take long to learn that when making a quilt, only quality fabric is the way to go. So much time involved in making a quilt, no matter if it is for a quilt show, or just to make it and enjoy it. I tried one dry a piece to get the wrinkles out in the dryer – think it is in a land fill now! LOL. I use Warm and Natural cotton batting. I have found out that if I lay it across the long arm frame, spritz it and leave it over night the wrinkles come out great! So much fun to experiment with the directions only to have a disaster! Have a great day!


    1. I could not remember the name of the pattern but found it today – Indian Summer! There are a few that meander off, but I am trying to really be careful. I will take a stitch out if it is straying off the line – Type A Personality (TAP). Hey new acronym! TAP. Want to be a TAP?


  8. I really love the contrasting thread for the quilting in this! Sorry about the longarm misadventures – days like that are so very frustrating.


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