6 and 6 in 2018 – OK – Better Late than Never

Greetings – from a Sunny South Texas – 80 degrees today …..  DST is NOT my favorite time of the year and never has been, but it is coming on 11 March whether we are ready or not!  Now the time will really speed up!  More daylight for those who still work and our Farmers.

I have selected the following UFO’s that I want to finish this year, and projects that will continue to be on-going, and those that will be new projects for 2018!

In my 2018 Projects list I did not state Omigosh by Sue Garman correctly.  Jilly Studio does Star Dance.  THEN, the unforgivable!  I did not list Brinton Hall, poor baby!  I really need to get with the program on that one!

Out of that list, here are by 6 & 6 in 2018 Projects

  1. Complete UFOs (Pictures below)
    Margaret Potts – Flimsy Completed
    2007 UFO BOM – Completed selecting last 6 blocks and they are ready for applique
    State of Texas Quilt – On the Design Board
  2. Flimsy’s to be Quilted – Absolutely No Progress Yet
    Rainbow Regatta
    Rosemary Youngs 2014 BOM
    Enduring Legacy
  3. Get Organized – Accomplished
  4. Projects to complete
    Mountmellick – Ready for Section 2
    A Bountiful Life – 20 total number of blocks – 6 Completed – 4 ready for Applique
    Nesting – 4 total number of blocks – 2 completed – 1 half way (does this count?) and 1 left to complete and then the appliqued border.
    Aunt Bea’s Parlor – I had to redo – ready to trace the patterns on each block!
    Dresden Heaven – I have 105 of the Mini’s completed.  I am delaying anymore work on this for a month or so to have a change in pace!
    Brinton Hall – poor baby ! so ignored!
  5. Free BOM/BOW I am following:
    RSC for 2018 – Squared Away – Completed January and February!
    Baltimore Stars – Not started as of today
Margaret Potts
2007 BOM – Completed in 2007
2007 BOM – My designs for the remaining 6 of the BOM – This covers May, August, September, October, November, and December. They are easy applique!
My Lone Star Quilt – On the Design Wall, but no where completed as far as the final Design Setting.

This morning as I sat in my Studio having my morning coffee I realized that I was ready to start on the next project.  In order to escape that decision, I walked, went to the store, stopped at the bank, and washed the car.  When I came back I decided to put the Texas quilt on the design board.  I really do need to load a quilt, wonder why I procrastinating on that?  Hum!   Since I have a late start, I may as well balance the check book and pay a bill or two and go sit and trace poor Auntie Bea’s blocks.  Some applique in the plans for this evening!  I do believe that I am totally ready for this Spring weather!

Have a great Hump Day – Great for stitching!

18 Replies to “6 and 6 in 2018 – OK – Better Late than Never”

    1. Ah, no crafting this week! Bummer. I am hoping to keep on keeping on, some days one needs to do something different. I am trying to mix it up! Still trying to do one project at a time, other than I can work the long arm off and on during the day! Have a good week!

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    1. Well, at first it did, but now I do not check it all the time. I am now working on each project and then the list is no longer in my face! LOL. I was overwhelmed because I just keep piling patterns and books and that got me to realize I just had to organize my projects! It is not for all and I understand! Have a great day and thx for commenting!


  1. Can we swap weather – we have 18″ of snow, and have been stuck in the house for several days!!
    A super collection of applique blocks. I am looking forward to seeing the progress on them. Thank you for joining Meredithe and me for this year’s challenge.


  2. I would swap for stable weather here in South Texas We are having anywhere from 20 to 30 degree changes within days and it I would prefer all cold for the winter or all mild, but not this see saw. I know that at my age all snow during the winter would be difficult. Hang in there – Spring is coming – at least here – think you are on an opposite cycle. Thx for commenting and I am hoping to get at least 1/2 of all done.


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